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Nude, hot and juicy: Inside the gay romance of Jacob Elordi and Diego Calva

Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor known for his roles in various popular films and television shows. Born on June 26, 1997, in Brisbane, Queensland, Elordi began his acting career in Australia before gaining international recognition.

Elordi made his debut in the film industry with a small role in the Australian film “Swinging Safari” in 2018. However, he rose to fame with his role as Noah Flynn in the Netflix film The Kissing Booth in 2018. The romantic comedy film, which was directed by Vince Marcello, was based on the novel of the same name by Beth Reekles. The film became a massive hit among teenagers and was one of the most-watched films on Netflix in 2018.

Elordi reprised his role as Noah Flynn in the sequel to The Kissing Booth, which was released in 2020. The film received mixed reviews from critics but was once again a hit among fans. Recently Elordi has been praised for his work on the hit teen drama EuphoriaCould a gay romance be brewing between Jacob Elordi & Diego Calva? Here’s the nude truth.

Who is Diego Calva?

Diego Calva is a rising star in the world of acting. He is an actor and filmmaker originally from Mexico who has been making waves in the international film scene with his powerful performances and unique storytelling style.

Calva first gained attention for his role in the 2016 Mexican drama film The Chosen Ones directed by David Pablos. The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival and received critical acclaim for its raw depiction of human trafficking in Mexico. Calva’s portrayal of the lead character, Ulises, was praised for its emotional depth and authenticity.

Since then, Calva has gone on to star in several other films including Museo (2018) and Luciérnagas (2018). In addition to his work as an actor, he has also written and directed short films such as Velo de Novia (2017), which explores themes of love, family, and tradition.

Calva’s talent has not gone unnoticed by industry insiders; he was recently selected as one of Variety’s “10 Latinxs to Watch” in 2020. This prestigious honor recognizes rising Latino talent making significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

In addition to acting and filmmaking, Calva is also passionate about social justice issues. He has used his platform as an artist to speak out against injustices such as police brutality and immigration policies that negatively impact marginalized communities.

Despite his growing success, Calva remains grounded and committed to telling stories that give voice to those who are often overlooked or silenced. With his talent, dedication, and passion for social justice; it’s clear that Diego Calva is a rising star worth keeping an eye on.

Nude, hot, and juicy

The temperature is turning up in Jacob Elordi’s next project On Swift Horses starring alongside Diego Calva. According to Deadline, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Will Poulter, and Sasha Calle will also appear in the film. Elordi is set to be Calva’s lover in the movie and fans are already excited to see what’s in store. 

Based on the novel by Shannon Pufahl, the film follows newlyweds Muriel (Edgar-Jones) and Lee (Poulter) as they begin a new life together when he returns from the Korean War. However, this newfound stability is upended by the arrival of Lee’s charismatic younger brother, Julius (Elordi), a wayward gambler with a secret.

A dangerous love triangle is quickly formed, as the three vow to start a new life together in California, but their bid for the American Dream is blown apart when Julius disappears and heads for Las Vegas instead. Muriel embarks on a secret life of her own, gambling on racehorses and discovering a love she never thought possible.

According to Gay Times, “Calva and Elordi will be lovers in On Swift Horses, with the two reportedly having “pretty hot scenes” together.”

Will you be watching On Swift Horses? Let us know your favorite project by Jacob Elordi in the comments.

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  • I have gay friends, and I love them they’re great. However, as a hetero woman, honestly, not interested in watching gay films. I totally get why gay men don’t care to watch hetero films. No biggie.

    if Jacob Elordi is going to focus on doing gay films or films with gay undertones, I’m going to pass. i wish him well in his career, but not interested in watching gay guys.

    i dated a really hot guy in college, who like Elordi was a “lady slayer”. He finally came out at 27. Don’t be surprised if Elordi embraces his homosexuality soon. He is a good actor, but I personally am getting turned off, and that’s my taste.

    I’m sure many others will be celebrating. Wish him well.

    November 11, 2023

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