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If Harry Styles isn’t gay, why does he keep queerbaiting us?

There has been speculation for years that the well-known British singer Harry Styles is gay. But what exactly is behind this rumor? 

Despite never having publicly identified as gay or bisexual, there’s no denying that Harry Styles has become an icon for the LGBT+ community in recent years. Here are some of the reasons why people have championed the singer and declared him a ‘gay icon’:

harry styles gay

His fashion choices 

One of the main things that have earned Harry his gay icon status is his fashion. The singer often wears items traditionally assumed to be more feminine than masculine, such as blouses and tight trousers. This sends a message of inclusivity and acceptance and shows that he doesn’t care about gender norms and expectations.

Harry Styles’ colorful sense of style has been the most significant driving force behind people wondering if he’s gay. He’s not afraid to rock a classy pearl necklace or go all out with a giant pink fur coat. 

Styles said of his style, “I’ll put on something that feels really flamboyant, and I don’t feel crazy wearing it.” 

The lyrics in his songs 

Another aspect of why Harry is seen as a gay icon is the lyrics in some of his songs which can be interpreted as being suggestive of same-sex relationships or attraction towards men. He also wrote a track called “Medicine” which speaks openly about sexual freedom, further adding to this image.

His advocacy 

Finally, over the past few years, Harry has made efforts to support and advocate for LGBT+ rights, most notably speaking out against homophobic attacks on social media. By actively standing up for the rights of others within the community and expressing acceptance through his artistry, he has firmly established himself as a hero among many in the LGBT+ world.

Whether or not he identifies as part of this community personally remains unknown, but it appears clear that Harry Styles has become an undeniable symbol of acceptance and unwavering support for members of the LGBT+ community around the world — something that cannot be ignored or overlooked.

Larry Stylinson

One Direction was known for many things: great performances, silly interviews, and secret feuds. They were also known for the ridiculous amounts of fanfiction they inspire their fans to write about them. Some fans liked to fantasize about hooking up with their favorite member, which in turn inspired the After series on Netflix.

A big theory is that Harry Styles is actually hiding a secret. Fans and the public have begun to speculate whether or not the superstar is gay. These comments aren’t new. Throughout his career, fans have been trying to find evidence of a gay relationship between him and former bandmate Louis Tomlinson. (Otherwise known as Larry Stylinson)

harry styles gay

The 28-year-old has been candid about his sexuality after years of mystery. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said, “I’ve never talked about my life away from work publicly and found that it’s benefited me positively. There’s always going to be a version of a narrative, and I think I just decided I wasn’t going to spend the time trying to correct it or redirect it in some way.”

“Sometimes people say, ‘You’ve only publicly been with women,’ and I don’t think I’ve publicly been with anyone. If someone takes a picture of you with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re choosing to have a public relationship or something,” he said.

Do you think Harry Styles is gay? Let us know in the comments.

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