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Is Summer a Good Time to Install Anti-Bird Netting in Coventry

Is Summer a Good Time to Install Anti-Bird Netting in Coventry

The summer is fast approaching, and you might have made a discovery. Many birds are hanging around near your home. This might be in trees that are next to your property’s boundary. Perhaps they are landing and settling on your roof too. One thing’s for sure; you are not a fan of the new neighbours.

When you have birds around, it will not be long before they build a nest. They can make a mess of your property, wake you up early in the morning with noise, and aggression can soon become a problem during nesting season. The best thing that homeowners in Coventry can do is be proactive when it comes to bird infestations. Protect your property now rather than suffering the consequences later on.

You have probably heard a lot of positive things about anti-bird netting. This has become a popular solution in Coventry for homeowners and businesses alike. But, is summer a good time for installation? Here is a handy guide that will help you.

The Nesting Season in Coventry

First, it is crucial that you understand when the nesting season is in Coventry. This can play a part in the best time for anti-bird netting installation. Most birds in the UK will nest during the months of spring and summer. You are likelier to notice them flying around and making plenty of noise during these months. Some birds will nest slightly early, depending on the availability of food and what the weather is like. Then, there are birds like pigeons and doves that can nest at any time during the year.

Generally, it is not recommended to do certain types of outdoor work during the nesting season. For example, if you have hedges or trees, you are advised to avoid cutting and trimming in case there are birds using them. A similar principle exists for the installation of anti-bird netting. While you can still have it installed during nesting season, you have to be very careful in the process.

The Presence of a Nest

Know that you can have anti-bird netting installed at your Coventry property if you do not have a nest. If you just have birds hanging around that fly away, there are no problems. You can easily contact an anti-bird netting Coventry and bird-proofing buildings service. A team will come to your property, design a netting system and it will be installed before you know it. This is all before birds are given an opportunity to build a nest.

However, if you do have a nest, this is something that you cannot ignore. Perhaps you know there is already one up there. Alternatively, a bird control company may inform you that you have one. Either way, you are going to have to pause your plan to install anti-bird netting for now.

Therefore, if there is a nest already on your property and where you want to have the netting installed, you will have to deal with this first. It is best to get expert advice on the best moves to make, as nests are protected and you can get yourself into trouble.

Nests are Protected by UK Legislation

Many people do not realise that there is UK legislation that protects nests and any eggs that are in them. You will find the details of this law in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. To summarise, it concludes that you should not remove or destroy a nest that is being used. It cannot be destroyed while it is getting built too. Therefore, if a nest is being used during the summer, you will not be able to remove it during this time.

Know that you should always obey the law when it comes to bird nests. You can be fined for this type of activity and it is unfair to the birds that are using the nest. While they can be a nuisance, you will have to wait until the nest is vacant. This will certainly be for the duration of the summer. Then, you will have to assess whether the birds have left this spot and moved on. Then, you are able to remove the nest and have netting installed.

Most nests will become vacant after the nesting season. This can be during the winter. You should monitor the situation and make sure that no birds are coming back to the nest. Again, always seek expert advice if you are not sure what to do. This is to ensure that you do not make any mistakes that might get you into trouble. You will start to realise that the nest might be vacant when you hear less noise and notice fewer birds. But, a bird control company will be happy to advise you.

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