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It seems like the age of subscriptions is still going strong. Get your cameras ready and dive into the latest news about this new Instagram update. 

Is the new Instagram update hiding a subscription service?

It seems like the age of subscriptions is still going strong. Instagram developer Alessandro Paluzzi announced yesterday that a new update for Instagram will be created called “Exclusive Stories” that will add the app to the list of platforms like Growthsilo that now have a subscription feature. 

Little is currently known about Instagram’s new update, but it appears to be copying Twitter’s “Super Follows” in some ways though it’s still in prototype mode with no news on when public testing will begin, as the company claimed they were not in a place to discuss the new Instagram update yet. 

Naturally, Twitter had . . . mixed emotions about the announcement of this new Instagram update. We double tapped our way through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to the new Instagram update. Get your cameras ready and dive into the latest news about this new Instagram update. 

One after the other 

This isn’t the first update from Instagram that has gotten a less-than-stellar reaction. Last year, the platform attempted to shift the layout of the app in order to emphasize their “Reels” and “Instagram Shopping” feature, shoving the “Create Post” and “Notifications” button on the top of the screen next to the Messages feature. 

The thought was to shift the layout in order to assist the new businesses and creators in getting more traffic which came with the expansion that occurred back in June of that year. However, with the new layout, it became more difficult to create posts of any kind as they were all grouped under the “New” tab on the top of the screen, making accessibility to those features less seamless. 

Many users were not impressed by the update, especially since it also seemed to prioritize Instagram’s competitor software to Tiktok, “Reels”, which was essentially filled with TikTok copycats anyway. Though users complained quite angrily, it seems as if Instagram didn’t learn its lesson. 

The new update 

According to Paluzzi, the new update will differentiate exclusive stories in your feed via a purple tag. If you try to click on the story without being a fan of the person sharing, a pop-up will appear saying that only fans can watch. 

It hasn’t been announced yet how users can become fans of the creator, but some speculate that there may be a subscription component attached, as Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has mentioned being open to exploring subscription options for the platform in the past. 

This seems to be a response to the widespread attempts by many platforms to allow creators to monetize their work after the explosive growth of Substack. Instagram’s parent company Facebook implemented “Bulletin” to meet the rising tide with Twitter hot on its heels with its new “Super Follows” feature and other membership services. So it’s not surprising that Instagram wants to jump on that bandwagon in any way it can. 

Twitter doesn’t like it 

Naturally, many voiced their unease about the news of this new update for Instagram after the fiasco of the last announcement as well as this growing trend of subscription creation. Reactions to the announcement include: 

That’s an unfortunate trend for the platform we noticed, too. 

We think that mindset is why this idea may backfire . . . 

Basically everyone’s reaction in a nutshell. 

Your guess is as good as ours, dude. 

This got a chuckle out of us, we won’t lie . . . 

What are your thoughts on the new Instagram update? Drop them below in the comments before we get blocked from the site! 

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