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Who wants clean jokes when inappropriate jokes are far superior? Here are some inappropriate jokes that are bound to tickle your funny bone.

All our favorite inappropriate jokes to appeal to the edgy dork in you

Everyone knows that inappropriate jokes have a special effect – a certain kind of smirk works its way onto your face and you can’t help but feel slightly edgier than before. Who needs jokes that are silly & fluffy?

If you crave jokes that would raise eyebrows – stuff you would not show your mother – you know you’ve found some goodies. Luckily we’ve saved you some time. Embrace your inner dork – these inappropriate jokes will make you feel some of that sweet edginess. Best to hide your screen from others so you can save the laughs for yourself. 

Beat it!

This joke is a classic. Brothel businesses might now really be a thing right now, but if they were that sign would be hilarious.

Apple turnover

Getting it on in an apple orchard sounds super romantic until you hear that joke. 

Mama, I just killed a man

What a perfect “Bohemian Rhapsody” reference. Gotta love when murder jokes cross with pop culture references. 

Buzz & Woody

Not sure if this ruins Toy Story or makes it even better. 

Sub-optimal joke

Not the punchline you were expecting? Get your mind out of the gutter!


This joke is certainly more prickly than edgy – but it has the same effect.

Do not try this at home

Slinkies are not useless – they show us how cool gravity is. Why not experiment with useless people in your life?

Casual murder

This joke seems so innocent until you realize how brutal life in the wild is. Pretty realistic if you ask us. 

Don’t worry, bee happy! 

How considerate. The perfect way for people to remember you. 

Skinny person diet

Eating people might be a good look on you. It seems to be working for Hannibal. 

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