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The Ikea Monkey spread so much joy when it popped up on people’s Twitter feed in 2012. Here are the best memes to celebrate its eight years.

It’s been eight years since the Ikea Monkey: The best memes to celebrate

Eight years is a long time, but when something’s good, it’s good. The Ikea Monkey spread so much joy when it popped up on people’s Twitter feed in 2012, and we just want to remind you of his shearling coat glory. 

Let’s ignore the fact that Darwin, the Japanese snow monkey, is wearing a fabulous shearling coat as if the Ikea air-conditioning even slightly compares to the blistering cold of a snowy Japanese mountaintop. Darwin brightens the day of his onlookers just by existing. How many of us can say as much about our mere presence? We love you, Darwin. Here’s to you. 

Gotta love that headline 

He’s illegally wandering around a Canadian Ikea – but at least he’s stylish. 


The Ikea Monkey and Joe Biden seem to have similar things going on in their heads. Maybe Darwin will be president one day too.


This masterpiece of an ode 

Somebody loved this meme so much they took their time to create detailed artwork on it. Just think about that for a moment. 


It didn’t end there, folks. There’s more artwork. 


Feast your eyes on this hilarity. 

Meeting of the memes 

Surprise, surprise. Grumpy cat’s still grumpy even in the face of an adorable snow monkey.

In that moment . . . 

Charles realized he had forgotten something important. 


But also adorable. 


Yes, you do. We’re all jealous. 

Don’t lie 

You want one. 

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