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After six long, successful seasons, ABC’s legal thriller series 'How to Get Away with Murder' recently concluded. Here's what we know about the cast.

The ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ cast: Who are the hottest actors?

After six long, successful seasons, ABC’s legal thriller series How to Get Away with Murder recently concluded. Following the story of a sharp, criminal defense lawyer and professor and her squad of prodigious law students, How to Get Away with Murder has given us endless thrills & intrigue over the years. 

The series showcases the careers of many promising actors who have delighted us with their amazing performances. Now that the series is over, take a look at some of the actors who really caught our eye (and not just because of their superb acting skills.) 

Aja Naomi King (Michaela) 

Aja’s character, Michaela, is definitely the Hermoine Granger of the Keating Five. Always the one raising her hand and vying for the professor’s approval, Michaela is the familiar overachiever that we can all root for. 

With her beautiful dark hair and eyes, Aja plays the bright Michaela with elegance. Graduating from Yale School of Drama, Aja has beauty & brains that make her the full package.

Alfred Enoch (Wes)

Speaking of Hermoine Granger, do you recognize this Hogwarts student? Alfred Enoch who plays Wes in How to Get Away with Murder, also plays Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter series. An aspiring student in both, Alfred is definitely the kind of classmate crush anyone could have. 

With that boyish charm and bewitching smile, Alfred is definitely one of the biggest heartthrobs on How to Get Away with Murder. We were all crushed when his character Wes died – mostly because we wouldn’t be able to see his beautiful face on the show anymore. 

Jack Falahee (Connor)

Jack Falahee plays the sexy law student Connor in How to Get Away with Murder. Always showing off his intelligence & loyalty, Connor will do anything for his professor (no matter how shifty the deed may be.)  

Jack has that mysterious bad boy look that is extremely irresistible. If you’re dying to see more of Jack, he also plays Frank Stringfellow on the PBS historical drama Mercy Street.

Liza Weil (Bonnie) 

Debuting in Gilmore Girls as Paris Geller, Liza Weil has always had that intense, erudite look down. Always dressed professionally, Liza’s How to Get Away with Murder character Bonnie is visually and mentally sharp. An extremely hard-worker, Bonnie is extraordinarily reliable and helpful. 

Liza Weil’s characters always have that confident, take-charge attitude that makes her a total bombshell. Plus, no one can rock a pixie cut like Liza Weil. She even looks amazing when she’s covered in blood.   

Karla Souza (Laurel)

Karla is the lovely actor who plays Laurel, a quiet & passionate student who has hidden talents. Killing us with those sharp eyebrows and emerald eyes, Karla is gem up on the screen. Her beauty has a kind of Brook Sheild-Esque grace. 

Beyond her role in How to Get Away with Murder, Karla has been in a number of other productions like The Noble Family and Instructions not Included. 

Viola Davis (Annalise)

Viola Davis plays Annalise Keating, the star of How to Get Away with Murder. A fantastic lawyer & criminal law professor, Annalise is the powerhouse of the show. All of her students respect her – and for a good reason – she’s the best of the best. 

Viola has to be on this list because she’s damn gorgeous. Even though she’s not the youngest cast member, she’s still hot and no one can deny it. Viola is a major star for a reason – she’s wonderfully talented & pretty dang easy on the eyes too. 

We’ll miss seeing her killing it in How to Get Away with Murder but she has a long career ahead of her (and a compendium of marvelous performances already!)

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