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So quarantine has everyone’s routines messed up. Like, really, really messed up. These workout memes perfectly describe everyone right now.

These workout memes flawlessly describe getting ripped from home

So quarantine has everyone’s routines messed up. Like, really, really messed up. People who have never exercised are doing at-home workouts or going for jogs. Avid workout enthusiasts are exercising less often. (Boo, go away depression.) And some people can’t stop exercising because they don’t have much else to do – besides who can say no to an endorphin rush right now?

Since everything is topsy turvy it’s nice to have a reminder we’re all having similar experiences to feel less alone. Despite the fact we’re currently, literally, isolating. We’ve compiled some exercise memes to show no matter where you are on the stance of quarantine workouts, you’re not alone.

Gym quarantine

This lady does not want to go home.

Double flex

This man is flexing his abs and his toilet paper stockpile. Also, he’s becoming a viral meme – does that make this a hattrick of flexes?

It was totally gonna happen

It’s funny how thousands of people all had the exact same plan. Huh, oh well.

Meanwhile, the athletes are sad

Whatever shall they do? It’s not as if there are hundreds of at-home workout videos available totally free on YouTube or anything.

Oh, they’re just sad they can’t beat someone at hoop ball aren’t they?


Hun, you really thought Barbie had that figure pre-quarantine without working out? No way. You just weren’t home to see her do it.

Those gains, bruh

Or lack thereof I suppose.

Let’s be real though, this just shows you aren’t truly dedicated to the lifting. Otherwise, you’d be bench pressing your couch or your 150-pound mountain dog. (This is either sarcasm or snark depending on which side the fence you live on – you get to choose.)

Home gym

Ah, see, these people are dedicated – and rich, mostly they’re just rich.

Go outside and play

We found out how to get people to go outside and get fresh air, even the kids! Turns out it just required a touch of reverse psychology by asking them to stay inside for the love of all humanity.

For the newbies

Here’s one for all the new people getting into exercise, we know it’s tough, but we’re proud of you for trying.

Cardio shmardio

Here’s one for all the people who are bravely still abstaining from working out. We salute your dedication. We may or may not be among your ranks.

Leg day will come back again

This is what every personal trainer will be doing as soon as quarantine is over.

A meme for everyone

This exercise meme is great because it can work for anyone depending on who you think the image is referring to.

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