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Sick of staring at the same four walls? Give your home sweet home a little more pizazz with these gorgeous house decor pieces.

Home sweet home: Peel back the curtain and gaze upon our fave décor

Whether you’ve just moved into your first apartment or you’re sick & tired of looking at the same living room couch every day (thanks pandemic), decorating one’s space is a big deal. You get to infuse the place you live with your own personality, express yourself, and create an area that you find aesthetically pleasing & comfy.

If you’re wanting to add a few pieces with some flair then you’ve come to the right place because we went down the interior decorating rabbit hole and made a whole list of items we’d like to buy, but probably won’t because these items would not go together.

Without further ado, here are some fun items you might want to add to your living space for a little pizazz.

Fancy shelf

Part art installation, part shelf space – this geometric shelf design can make a space feel modern, while also being at least somewhat functional. Honestly, we can’t stop looking at it – it could become an instant conversation piece if you put a few fun knick-knacks or exciting books on there.

The shelf is currently listed at $195.99 (11% off from the original $219.99 price-point) on Wayfair. It also comes in multiple shades of white, red, black, walnut, and oak as options. If you need to search it up, the product name is “Okane 53″ H x 53″ W Geometric Bookcase”. Catchy, we know!

Cute ottoman

If you want to add a whimsical touch to your space then this precious turtle ottoman might be what you’re looking for. The leather makes it feel classy while the shape makes it freaking adorable.

The ottoman (called the “Kelendle Animal Footstool Turtle”) is currently listed as $88.99 for a small size, and $115.99 for a large size on Amazon. The product comes in bright green, light or dark brown, a “dark green” that looks more like it’s black, and a medium green that has gray tones in it.

Classy area rug

It can be tough to find a rug that doesn’t feel massively dated, boring, and/or downright hideous. However, this classy rug is a great option for someone looking to create a modern-looking space. (It’d go really well with that bookshelf, by the way.)

It comes in a dark gray or white option, as well as rectangle, runner, oval, and circle shapes. There are also countless size options so if you like this pattern there’s bound to be one that works for the room you have in mind.

The price varies dramatically depending on your size & shape choice, but it starts at thirty-some dollars and goes up from there. You can find the “Mcphee Geometric Area Rug” on Wayfair.

Cottage core

Cottage core is the new style for home decorating and who doesn’t love a kitchen island? If your kitchen doesn’t have an island, but you want one – it turns out you can just buy one. This precious black & white barn door island would be a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Even better – it adds storage space!

This “Leshire Barn-Door Kitchen Island” is currently $409.99 on Wayfair – 23% off from the original $529.99 price tag.

Slightly retro couch

Some people get self conscious when decorating their space – they want it to look nice to other people who visit. But if you don’t give a flying bat’s butt what other people think, and want to do go full cutesy – buy this couch. Bonus points – it looks like a regular couch but doubles as a futon!

The couch comes in some less eye-catching colors such as navy blue, gray, and evergreen – which serve to make it look perfectly normal if that’s your thing. But it also comes in seafoam green, and a mustard yellow if you’re not wanting to shy away from buying a statement piece.

This couch called “Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Couch”, is listed at $392.99 at the moment on Amazon.

Gaming desk

If you didn’t overpay for your desktop computer then you probably don’t care about this last item. This gaming desk – which looks pretty cool except for the giant white logo in the middle is great for any PC gamer, Twitch streamer, or person who spends an abundance of time on their computer.

First of all, we lost it over the cupholder. No more worrying about spilling your drink on your expensive computer! Second of all, it has plenty of room for those of you who tend to have piles of stuff on your desk, since it’s five feet, three inches wide and over two feet deep. Plus it’s height adjustable, so you can create an ergonomically friendly environment.

The desk is currently on sale for $219.99. It’s merely called “Height Adjustable Gaming Desk” on Wayfair though, so you may have to sift through a few listings.

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