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Hilaria Baldwin welcomed her newborn Lucia in a surprise Instagram post. Let's meet the large Baldwin family.

How many children does Hilaria Baldwin have? Meet her large family

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. At least that’s been the motivation for Hilaria Baldwin who, after her year-long pregnancy battle to have her fifth child back in September, just announced the arrival of her sixth child only five months later. 

Hilaria Baldwin welcomed her newborn Lucia in a surprise Instagram post on Tuesday: “Just like your brothers and sisters, you are a dream come true”. The latest addition to the Baldwin family marks the sixth child between Hilaria and her husband Alec Baldwin, and the seventh child for Alec Baldwin who shares a daughter, Ireland, with ex-wife Kim Basinger. 

Instagram announcement

The announcement of Hilaria Baldwin’s latest child comes a day after she posted a group photo of all her children together on Instagram. Pictured sprawled across her bed is her daughter Carmen Gabriela, 7, and her sons: Rafael Thomas, 5, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 4, Romeo Alejandro David, 2, five-month-old Eduardo. Of course, baby Lucia is there, too. 

The short timespan between the birth of Hilaria Baldwin’s last child, Eduardo, and the arrival of Lucia now has already begun to raise some eyebrows. One commenter on Alec Baldwin’s Instagram directly questioned the source of Lucia’s birth: “If it was a surrogate just say that. If the baby was adopted just say that. If the baby was the product of an affair and you’ve decided to raise it with your wife just say that.”

Without missing a beat, Alec Baldwin was quick to reply with a short and to the point response: “You should shut the f*** up and mind your own business.” According to Page Six, the Baldwins’ representative declared the couple has no current plans to detail the exact origins of Lucia’s birth. 

Last birth story

In contrast, the birth of Hilaria Baldwin’s previous child Eduardo was a much more public affair. In November 2019, she revealed on social media the loss of her then fifth child through miscarriage. It had been her second miscarriage in 2019. She detailed the turbulent experience on Glamour, writing: “Sometimes it’s easier to make ourselves the enemy, to blame ourselves, than it is to accept support and care.”

However, after the successful birth of Eduardo, Hilaria Baldwin felt it was time to slow things down. In an interview with People last November, she admitted she wasn’t planning on having any more children: “Right now, during times of COVID, it very much feels like we’re done.” Reader, she was not “done”.

From the release of  her exercise DVD entitled Home with Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga to her podcast Mom Brain, Hilaria Baldwin has consistently spoken about her experience of being a mother and advocated for a healthy mom lifestyle. However, most recently, she has been the subject of online criticism regarding her cultural heritage.  

Not the first controversy

In December, Hilaria Baldwin finally cleared the air about her true upbringing. After years of proclaiming herself to be of Spanish descent, she confessed she was born in Boston, and her real name is Hillary, not Hilaria. The ensuing backlash and claims of cultural appropriation by the online community led to a standard apology post by Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram where she claimed that she was “listening & reflecting”. 

With no new episodes of Mom Brain released since the controversy, there’s no telling how much more listening & reflecting Hilaria Baldwin will do until she makes her official podcast return – that is, if the podcast is indeed returning. Nonetheless, with two new children in the family less than six months apart, Hilaria Baldwin already has her work cut out for her. 

What do you think of Hilaria Baldwin and her controversies? Let us know in the comments below! 

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