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Hilaria Baldwin found herself at the center of a hilaria-ous (get it?) controversy. Here are the funniest memes following her reply on Instagram.

Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram reply: The best memes clapping back at her

Ohhhhh boy, Alec Baldwin’s gonna yell at all of us for making fun of his wife, isn’t he?

Hilaria Baldwin found herself at the center of a hilaria-ous (get it?) controversy this weekend, courtesy of her alleged Spanish heritage. Internet sleuths blew the lid on her real origin – as they do – claiming Baldwin is 100% Bostonian and 0% Spanish. Hilaria-ty (okay, we’ll stop) ensued, as Hilaria Baldwin released an Instagram video unsuccessfully trying to explain her side of the story.

Cue the memes.


Seven minutes is just too long for this generation’s attention span – even if it’s Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram, trying to explain why her accent fluctuates from time to time.

Red alert

Twitter fired up its internal alarm system even if President Trump decided to ignore the entire Spain/Boston debacle. Trump must have felt Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram explanation wasn’t fake news.


On the other end of the political spectrum, it’s not a stretch to assume Senator Elizabeth Warren – always proud of her Native American roots – would’ve been a little annoyed at Hilaria Baldwin’s antics, Instagram explanation or not.


Last political one, we promise. It’s just fun to bring up Goya beans again.


Kristen Wiig could totally play Hilaria Baldwin in the eventual Lifetime movie dealing with her secret origin. Can you imagine Wiig’s take on the Instagram video?


Thanks, Hilaria Baldwin. We wanted to chill during the holidays, not find ourselves knee-deep in research about where you were born & raised.

Hilaria McGuire

Even if you’re not familiar with Hillary Duff’s body of work (why?), the joke is pretty clear here.

Hello, Rachel!

Did Hilaria Baldwin invent her exotic backstory just to impress Alec Baldwin? Did she get the idea from Friends? Her Instagram explanation didn’t address that bit.

Oh la la

We’ve all been there: you go to a foreign country, come back with a slight twang in your voice . . . and keep it for the rest of your life.

Dios Mio!

To be fair, this was already the spirit of Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram video.


This one requires a little explanation: there’s a different video of Hilaria Baldwin floating around the internet, where she’s at a restaurant and acts like she can’t remember how to say “cucumber” in English.


You can’t let your guard down with the year 2020. You think it’s almost over and then the entire online community is all up in your genealogical tree. Hilaria Baldwin just learned this important lesson.

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