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Check out the crazy true-crime tale behind HBO’s ‘Love and Death’

Are you ready to dive deep into the chilling underbelly of reality that we often keep in the periphery of our screens? Streaming platforms and production companies have been tapping into this feverish demand for true crime narratives, releasing hit after hit in recent years. HBO Max, the trailblazer in the arena, continued its winning streak with the release of The Staircase in 2022. 

This Colin Firth and Toni Collette starrer, based on the real-life Peterson case, received rave reviews. Now, nearly a year later, HBO Max has done it again. This time, they’ve brought us Love & Death, a new true crime miniseries spearheaded by director Lesli Linka and featuring Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons in the lead roles.

Let’s take a look at everything the show has to offer so far. 

True story

But what’s the story that sparked this captivating series? Love & Death is not merely another scripted drama – it’s rooted in a shocking true tale. The series, with its star-studded cast including Lily Rabe, Patrick Fugit, Krysten Ritter, Tom Pelphrey, Elizabeth Marvel, and Keir Gilchrist, revolves around two seemingly typical couples – the Montgomerys and the Gores. The plot thickens when an illicit affair between Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore culminates in a shocking crime.

This plotline closely mirrors the actual series of events that unfolded in the late seventies. Candy and Pat Montgomery, along with their two children, moved to Wylie, Texas, in 1977, quickly striking up a friendship with Betty and Allan Gore. Despite the picture-perfect facade of their lives, Candy yearned for excitement beyond her mundane marital life. Her restlessness led to a dangerous obsession with Betty’s husband, Allan, and an affair that would ultimately spell disaster.

In 1980, a confrontation between Candy and Betty over the affair led to a gruesome murder, leaving Betty’s lifeless body at the mercy of Candy’s rage. Candy managed to maintain her composure, cleverly concealing the evidence, and carrying on as though nothing had happened. But, the truth has a nasty habit of coming to light, and Candy soon found herself the prime suspect, thanks to Allan spilling the beans about their affair.

However, Candy’s courtroom drama had a twist in the tale – she was found not guilty on grounds of self-defense. Her acquittal stirred outrage among the locals, forcing the Montgomery family to relocate. The once tight-knit family eventually disintegrated with Candy and Pat’s divorce.

Prime time

The chilling story of Candy Montgomery has been adapted several times, from the 1990 TV film ‘A Killing in a Small Town’, to Hulu’s 2022 series ‘Candy’, which earned Jessica Biel a Best Actress nomination at the Satellite Awards. Now, with ‘Love & Death’, HBO Max has added another layer to the narrative, enticing a whole new generation of true crime enthusiasts.

The true crime genre, with its thrilling exploration of real-life mysteries and human behavior, continues to captivate us. But as we delve deeper into these stories, we must ask ourselves, what is it about the dark side of reality that we find so intriguing?


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