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“We’ll tell the story of tonight” – or the story of 'Hamilton' the musical. Here's everything we want to see in Disney's 'Hamilton' movie.

Everything we want to see in Disney’s ‘Hamilton’ musical film

“We’ll tell the story of tonight.” or, more specifically, the story of Hamilton. The musical phenomenon that either you’ve seen six times or have been too poor to even see once is getting the film adaptation we’ve all been begging for. But it’s even better than we’ve expected.

Creator/musical genius/original Alexander Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda made the announcement on Twitter on February 3rd that Disney will release a filmed version of Hamilton starring the original Broadway cast. So those begging for Daveed Diggs to come back as Thomas Jefferson are about to get a gift. 

Of course, since this is the tried and true original Hamilton, there’s plenty of moments that have gotten hyped up by the lucky few who saw it with the entire cast that we can’t wait to see on the big screen. 

“The Room Where It Happens”

Since this was filmed in the Richard Rodgers Theater, we’ll get to witness the gorgeous stage in all its glory. The spinning set, the walls that get higher between acts one and two, the old fashion scaffolding, all of it will be on a big screen and the original set design from the Broadway stage. 

If you haven’t seen Hamilton live, you can cry with us too. But more importantly, you’ll get to finally see all the moments that come to life much stronger thanks to that stage. Whether it be Angelica’s heartfelt story of lost love in “Satisfied”, or the breakdancing ballet that is “My Shot”, the stage is just as much of a character in the story as the characters themselves. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda live

The man didn’t win a Tony, Pulitzer Prize, Olivier, and Grammy Award for Hamilton for no reason. His work as Alexander Hamilton is half the reason the show got as big as it did. Besides, casting yourself in your own project is always the most efficient way to make sure the right message comes across. 

In all seriousness though, if you have never heard Lin-Manuel Miranda in any of his live performances, you’re missing out. He is a talented performer and really shines as Hamilton. 

Getting to see “Satisfied” performed on stage

Seriously, if you have never listened to the Hamilton soundtrack, start with “Satisfied”. It’s an outlier, as it deals with Angelica Schuyler regretting giving up Alexander to her sister Eliza. But in terms of performance, it’s the most complicated and uses the spinning stage gimmick the best. Even Miranda himself has gone on record saying it’s the scene and sequence he’s most proud of. 

As Angelica sings of her love, we’re taken back in time to the moment Angelica and Alexander meet, and when Angelica sacrifices her feelings to give Alexander up to Eliza. But outside of that, “Satisfied” really embodies themes that lead to Alexander’s demise come act two. If you want to see the true feelings of Hamilton, then get ready to watch Renee Elise Goldsberry bring you to tears. 

The chemistry between Miranda, Daveed Diggs, and Leslie Odom Jr.

Our main leading men have become stars in their own right, but all three really launched to worldwide stardom thanks to their roles in Hamilton. Even though Burr and Hamilton are more enemies than friends, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Burr all have such an interesting dynamic together in their music. 

That dynamic comes from the great performances of Diggs, Miranda, and Odom Jr. The three of them bring to life these founding fathers in such a modern way, while still staying mostly true to the history. But the chemistry between all three of them makes their rap battles really entertaining and exhilarating. 

More Broadway recordings of musicals

One big issue with Broadway is the accessibility of shows. People would go see more shows, but unfortunately New York City is not a close location for most people, and Broadway tours don’t always hit every area. Illegal Broadway recordings are trying to fill in the blanks, while programs like Fathom Events’ National Theater Live series and BroadwayHD are a more legal route.

When the biggest Broadway show in recent history is releasing a filmed version of the original cast though, this may set a precedent. If even Hamilton can release a filmed version, why can’t other popular shows like Wicked or Dear Evan Hanson? These shows may be getting film versions, but people want to see the real thing, not a film version. We are not throwing away our shot at more Broadway recordings. 

Hamilton will be released by Disney in the U.S. October 21st, 2021.

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