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From the creepy Korean 'Train to Busan' to the meme-generating 'Bird Box', here are the best horror movies to stream on Netflix right now.

‘Train to Busan’: All the greatest Netflix horror movies to stream

Winter is slowly winding down the closer we get to March. For those of you who love to curl up under the covers and watch horror films in your cozy cave during the winter months, we have some recommendations for great horror movies to stream on Netflix during the winter chill.

From a good standby such as The Perfection to the meme generating Bird Box, here are the creepiest movies to stream on Netflix right now. 

1922 (2017)

If you’ve been looking for some primo Stephen King content following It: Chapter 2, then check out 1922. Based on a Stephen King novella of the same name, 1922 follows a father (Thomas Jane), who decides to kill his wife (Molly Parker) in order to stop her from selling land she inherited and moving to the city. 

Convincing his son (Dylan Schmid) to help him, the pair murder her and dump her body down a well. What follows is some masterful psychological horror as the guilt slowly twists and eats away at them both.

It’s a genuinely tense, simple, disturbing movie that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. As a lot of King’s writing shows, sometimes humans themselves are the worst monsters of them all.

Bird Box (2018)

Bird Box can get a little goofy at times, but that’s part of the charm of the movie. While it’s unfairly compared to A Quiet Place, this Sandra Bullock-starrer is, quite honestly, a more fun and weirder watch all things considered. 

The ending scenes may have you giggling than screaming, but it’s a perfect balance of horror and unintentional camp that will have horror fans and their more reluctant friends enjoying the film immensely. There’s a good reason why this is the most streamed movie on Netflix and is always worth checking it out.

Cam (2018)

A vastly underrated gem of a horror movie, Cam follows cam girl Alice (Madeline Brewer) who wakes to find that. . .she’s still online. What follows is a wild ride involving duplicates, identity, and some great existential terror along the way. 

If you’re dying for content similar to Jordan Peele’s Us, then Cam is definitely a great movie to pair with it. Plus Brewer’s performance is easily one of the best and most underrated in recent years. So it’s doubly perfect to pair her with Lupita Nyong’o’s own chilling take. 

Cargo (2017)

A great deviation from the normal zombie film, Cargo follows a father (Martin Freeman) who is desperately trying to find someone to watch after his baby girl. Why? Well, he’s just been bitten by a zombie and only has 48 hours until he turns into one as well. 

With a ticking clock, crazed human survivors, and other zombies, you’re genuinely on the edge of your seat the entire time, hoping that the baby survives. Great if you want to see an old genre do some new tricks.

Hush (2016)

This is pre-Hill House Mike Flanagan, but damn if this isn’t a great horror movie. If you want A Quiet Place, but better and with less stupid monsters, then Hush is your movie. Set in a remote cabin home of a young deaf woman (Kate Siegel), a killer (John Gallagher Jr.) breaks into her home and she has to outsmart him and survive at every turn. 

It’s tight and distressing. Some of the creepiest moments are when you can see the killer, but she has no idea that’s he’s there. Definitely worth a watch for any fan of great horror. 

Malevolent (2018)

This 2018 found footage flick is worth the watch for one reason and one reason only: Florence Pugh. Pre her Academy Award nominated turn in Little Women, Pugh stars as a member of a team who fakes hauntings in order to scam the grieving and terrified. 

It hits all the standard, silly beats of the found footage films, though the scam part is new. Honestly, Malevolent is only worth a watch for Pugh’s performance, which carries the relatively forgettable film into something slightly more memorable. 

We can’t get enough of Pugh and we’re still months away from Black Widow. So it will satisfy any cravings you may have for more of her performances.

The Perfection (2019)

If you want a deeply disturbing psychological horror ride, then all aboard the train for The Perfection. We’re keeping plot details at a minimum because, honestly, you need to watch it to appreciate the twist and turns of this tale of obsession and revenge. 

The performances are great. The horror is intense. And if you get squeamish, then this is probably not the movie for you. It’s honestly one of the wildest rides that Netflix has ever produced. 

Train to Busan (2016)

If you’re interested in seeing what other films are coming out of South Korea following Parasite’s historic win at the 2020 Oscars, then we got your back with Train to Busan. The film is not only one of the best horror movies on Netflix, but just one of the best movies on Netflix. Period. 

Taking place on a train that is becoming infested by the undead (먹튀검증), this is a great and thrilling ride with some truly excellent character development. Definitely worth a watch after you checked out Parasite.

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