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Which of our favorite celebs will be this year's Golden Globes host? Find out who will be announcing all the best movies at this famous awards show.

Who’s this years Golden Globes host? Get the deets on the ceremony

It’s that time of year again, folks – time to give the millionaires their prizes with another edition of the Golden Globes. We lost a lot over the past year, but they will never take our award ceremonies away from us, no matter what global crisis faces the world at large. 

The Golden Globes will go down despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but there will definitely be some changes to the annual ceremony that honors the best in film & television.

The Golden Globes have been around since the 1940s, a time simpler in many ways, despite the first ceremony being held in 1944, just a year before the second World War’s end. The ceremony is known to be a looser affair than, say, The Academy Awards, with nominees sitting at round tables in a leisurely setting rather than ridgid armchairs as an obedient audience.

Furthermore, the Golden Globes sound more fun than the Oscars. Why? Well, you can’t get loaded on free booze and full on free food at hoity toity millionaire balls like the Oscars. The Golden Globes might not be as renowned as other award ceremonies, but they sure sound like a better time.

In recent years, The Golden Globes have upped the ante on their edginess. Ricky Gervais was the name on everyone’s lips when he shocked audiences with his savage monologue when he first hosted the awards in 2010. 

The elites in the Golden Globes crowd didn’t appear amused, but audiences couldn’t seem to get enough as Gervais was asked back to host four more times. Last year, the roastmaster declared he would not return, revealing one immediate change to the ceremony this year.

What are the dirty deets for this year’s Golden Globes ceremony, and what is different this year? Well for one thing, there won’t be just one host; Tiny Fey & Amy Pohler will host the 2021 Golden Globes. 

The two are giving Gervais a run for his money, as it’ll be their fourth time hosting the awards, first having appeared on stage behind the wheel in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Fey & Poehler hosting is refreshing news for the Golden Globes, but what else will be different about this year’s ceremony, considering the pandemic? Will the Golden Globes go the way of the 2020 MTV VMAs, with no in-person ceremony?

Fey & Poehler will host the 2021 Golden Globes, but they’ll host from opposite sides of the country. Today EW reported that Fey will host at the Rainbow Room in New York City, while Poehler will host from the Beverly Hilton in L.A.. We can only wonder how the heck the two will pull the ceremony off and whether the nominees will join them in person in any way.

Poehler is quoted saying that there are still some questions to be answered regarding the ceremony, namely, “When? How? Why?” and “Where?” (you read our minds, Amy). It’s said that nominees will appear for the televised event, but from various locations across the world in what appears to be the first remote Golden Globes ceremony.

As Fey & Poehler host, winners for the best in TV & film will be announced, and the list of nominees has been released. Talked about 2020 films like Promising Young Woman, the thought provoking feminist thriller, and David Fincher’s Hollywood period piece Mank will be up for best drama film, while Ozark & The Crown are heavy contenders for best drama TV series.

The ceremony all goes down (whatever form it takes) on Sunday, February 28th at 8pm on the East coast and 5pm on the West coast. NBC will broadcast the ceremony that its longtime collaborators will host bi-coastally. It’ll be a weird one this year, but hey, what else is new? 

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