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The leads struggled their way from normal to paranormal in the Fox series. Here’s a rundown of the moments proving 'Ghosted' is the best alien spoof ever.

10 moments that make ‘Ghosted’ the best alien spoof ever

Feeling spooky? ? We certainly are, because we’re revisiting supernatural comedy series Ghosted. Starring Adam Scott (Step Brothers) as a misunderstood scientist and Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express) as a disgraced LAPD cop, together the unbeatable duo are recruited to investigate spooky activity in Los Angeles, while hopefully also saving the future of the human race. No pressure.

The alternatively hapless and kickass leads struggled their way from the normal to the paranormal, and we were sad to see them go. Here’s a rundown of the moments proving Ghosted was the best alien spoof comedy ever.

10. Max & Leroy are the comedic Mulder & Scully.

You can’t make it through the first few episodes of Ghosted without drawing parallels between Scott & Robinson and the infamous X-Files duo. Max is the disgraced astrophysics teacher whose theories and beliefs got him into trouble. Hello? He’s the Mulder. Meanwhile, Leroy (the Scully) is more of a skeptic.

9. Scott & Robinson’s real-life roles are reversed.

Scott’s character, Max, is absolutely certain of the existence of aliens and ghosts, while Robinson’s on-screen alter ego is having none of it. However, in real life the roles are reversed, and Scott is the one who thinks the supernatural is a load of BS. You can only imagine the debates that must go down when the camera stops rolling.

8. It’s an homage to action-movie favorites.

The two main characters are constantly butting heads. And yet they need each other as the conflict surrounding them worsens, resulting in a kind of Stockholm Syndrome friendship. As Robinson himself pointed out, the show ends up referencing classic buddy comedies like 48 Hrs., Lethal Weapon, and Beverly Hills Cop. The heat is on!

7. Ghosted also contains an Alien reference.

Although the show is called Ghosted, the characters deal with an array of bizarre and paranormal creatures; Leroy even finds himself falling for a succubus. One episode deals with the elimination of a monster after it is found loose in the bureau, a moment that could be described as an Alien rip off. You can’t beat paying homage to the classics.

The problems of 'Ghosted’'s first season also reflect some of the overall challenges currently being faced by a television industry in flux.

6. There are some genuine scares.

This show might be packed full of slapstick comedy and consistent 0ne-liners, but the joy of Ghosted is it contains some actual shock moments too. In between the laughs, there are jumps as well, making the characters and the danger more realistic.

5. The characters have a reason to fight.

The character development for this series was set up nicely in the pilot episode by providing both leads with something to prove. Leroy was let off from the LAPD due to mysterious circumstances surrounding his partner’s death, while Max is desperate for anyone to accept his multiverse theory. The desperation drives the pair into some seriously sticky situations.

4. It’s a Hot Tub reunion.

Yes, in case you hadn’t spotted it yet (wake up people) Ghosted is an on-screen reunion for Scott and Robinson, who previously joined forces for the 2015 sequel Hot Tub Time Machine 2, which surprisingly succeeded in reprising the comedic heights of the original. Their hilarious dynamic transfers well from the big screen to the little one.

3. There’s also a Knocked Up reunion.

Dax Shepard makes a cameo in episode six as the face of a nefarious artificial intelligence which attempts to destroy the Bureau Underground from the inside. It’s a Knocked Up reunion (kinda), as Shepard, Robinson, and Scott all had small roles in the 2007 comedy.

2. The film makes good use of practical effects.

CGI haters might be pleased to know that in keeping with the throwback theme of the show, co-creator Tom Gormican tried to include real effects in the series as much as possible. For example, when Max and Leroy encounter an alien with a removable head, it’s a (fake) real head. Props for going old school.

1. It’s a modest and harmless form of entertainment.

Ghosted might not have cleaned up with the critics, with some saying the narrative lacked depth. How much depth can you expect from a show that involves moments like men dressed as priests chasing down a monstrous nun? It might not be the top-ranking show on TV, but it’s a fun, silly, and entertaining way to spend half an hour. Enjoy, and remember: the spoof is out there!

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