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Want to save ‘Anne with an E’? Here’s how to get Netflix to notice

Can Anne be saved? Here’s some of the backstory as to the cancelation of 'Anne with an E', and how we think we can save it.

Want to save ‘Anne with an E’? Here’s how to get Netflix to notice

We’ve made it pretty clear that we’re saddened by the cancellation of Netflix and CBC’s Anne with an E. It’s heartbreaking when a high quality show that simply doesn’t feel over gets the ax. 

Here at Film Daily, this isn’t our first ‘our favorite show got canceled’ rodeo. We do have some experience with trying to convince networks that a show is worth watching, especially a show as lovely and binge-able as Anne with an E

We’ve seen shows get resurrected (Lucifer, anyone?), and we are confident that with the right approach it can happen again. Here’s some of the backstory as to the cancelation of Anne with an E, and how we think we can save it.

Why did Anne with an E get canceled in the first place?

While it has never been outright stated that the reason for Anne with an E’s cancellation is due to the dissolution of an agreement between Netflix and CBC, Canada’s national public broadcaster, it is hard to deny. About two months ago, CBC announced they would no longer continue the agreement:

“We’re not going to do deals that hurt the long-term viability of our domestic industry. A number of countries have done deals, as we did, with Netflix … and over time we start to see that we’re feeding the growth of Netflix, or we’re feeding the growth of Amazon, rather than feeding our own domestic business and industry.”
—Catherine Tait, CBC President, and CEO

CBC clearly wants to reap the monetary rewards of their own streaming services, without lining Netflix’s pockets. Anne with an E’s first season was a CBC production.

While Netflix took more and more of a role in producing the show during seasons two and three, it’s completely reasonable to believe the CBC could make season four on their own. It’s also perfectly reasonable to think that Netflix could remedy this breakup with a little more financial investment.

The business of big streaming

One of the main things Netflix brings to Hollywood is autonomy from its financially complicated and flabby studio system. As an independent production outfit, they’ve been able to make complex financial decisions more freely without those longlasting, legally binding partnerships with entities like:

  • The Writers Guild of America
  • The City of Los Angeles, or 
  • SAG-AFTRA (the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, if you’re nasty)

These unions and agencies restrict where companies can film, what they pay their staff, and how often and when they pay them.

Anyone who thinks Netflix rode in on a white horse to save Hollywood is viewing the streamer as a savior rather than a business. Sure, Netflix has been doing some great things for the industry: 

  • opened up the gates of Hollywood and made a career in film & TV more attainable for normal folks
  • employed thousands of previously out-of-work indie filmmakers & actors
  • given a bunch of independent producers a place to call home

On the customer side, Netflix has opened up a huge international content library for a low monthly fee to film & TV fans the world over, brought the movie experience to a sofa near you, and even taken the stigma out of binge-watching – which, let’s be honest, we were all doing with our Anne of Green Gables box sets wayyy before Netflix ‘n’ Chill.

Netflix aims to monopolize the market for film & TV streaming, and then raise the prices of their service so they can begin clawing back some of the massive debt they’ve incurred. Netflix doesn’t want to be a streaming service – they aim to be the streaming service.

Netflix’s foray into creating original content is because original content is more cost-effective and potentially lucrative than buying other people’s products, which is why they may not have fought very hard to save their dealings with CBC.

In addition to their goal of ruling the streaming world, Netflix is working from a distinct advantage in Canada.  Streaming services are not forced to collect sales tax in Canada. Therefore, there is no requirement for Netflix to invest in Canada itself, while Canadian broadcasters have to put 5% of their gross revenue in the Canada Media Fund.

The frustration from CBC execs does make sense. Their work is contributing to Netflix’s growth and development, while their domestic interests are not being fed equally. Plus, CBC has its own streaming service, Gem. If you’re never heard of it, you’re not alone.

So what can Anne with an E fans do?

While we do think that letters to CBC and Netflix can and will help, we also think that the streaming giant could work out a new arrangement with CBC if they’re adequately motivated. That’s where fans of Anne with an E come in. We need to give Netflix motivation to continue the show. 

If the loss of Anne with an E isn’t enough, please consider the other shows that could be affected by the split between Netflix and CBC: Alias Grace, Schitt’s Creek, Workin’ Moms, Kim’s Convenience, Heartland and Intelligence.

So what’s a fan to do?


As we’ve said time and again, a great way to get Netflix to notice is simply to open your app and give Anne with an E a rewatch. Your views count, especially if you then go on to watch another show suggested by Netflix from outside your current watch list.

Re-register for Netflix

Signing up to Netflix (even if it’s only the free trial period) and watching Anne with an E  is a viable way to get Netflix to notice the show.

You can always use a VPN (we suggest NordVPN) so you can watch Anne with an E from whatever country your bed lies in. When you’ve registered for Netflix, influence your friends and loved ones to do the same and get them all watching Anne with an E on repeat.

Take cord-cutting to the next level

After you’ve rewatched Anne with an E  a couple of times, cancel your Netflix membership and very clearly tell them the reason why you’re canceling and when they can expect you to come back using this handy contact form.

Make sure you also do a live chat and maybe even a phone call to tell their customer service bots what’s up. Influence your personal network to do the same; the more cord-cutters there are, the more Netflix will sit up & listen.

We decided to compile some of our favorite quotes from season 3 of 'Anne with an E'. Be inspired by all the amazing characters.

Tell Netflix Anne with an E is the bomb

We know: we’ve all done this a few times before, but there’s no harm in doing it again. Make sure you let Netflix know just how much we love Anne with an E by requesting they keep Anne with an E on-air, then make sure all your friends and family do the same by following this link.

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    women think. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

    December 21, 2019
  • Anne with an E is the most wonderful series my wife (62) and Daughter (22) and I have ever seen we are watching it the second time

    February 17, 2020
  • Why is it canceled?!!??!!?! I’m devasted

    April 11, 2020
  • I can’t believe they cancelled that show! The best show on Netflix!! I intend to cancel my Netflix!

    May 14, 2020
  • This was such a unique show,and having read all the Anne books as a young girl would love to see more! Please continue the series!

    June 5, 2020
  • Please reconside anne with an e because you renew riverdale but not this litterly everyone in my class and a most of my grade says that they will probaly stop watching this wich is about 500 people so pleaae reconsider it was to much of a cliff hanger!

    June 5, 2020
  • Bring back Anne with an e. Please such a good series. Love it. Disappointed it was cancelled.Bring it back!!

    August 8, 2020

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