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In this world, there’s nothing better, nothing purer, nothing “gooder” than dogs. Here are some extra funny dog pictures for your enjoyment.

Funny dog pictures: These images will have you howling in quarantine

In this world, there’s nothing better, nothing purer, nothing “gooder” than dogs. The apocalypse may be at hand, the end of times may be raining fire on our heads but dogs will always be by our side. Just ask Will Smith in I am Legend

Though we know why we want to be friends with dogs, sometimes we wonder why they want to be friends with us? We throw them imaginary balls, we dress them in ridiculous outfits, and we can be stingy with the treats. But dogs love us even when we don’t give them a bite of our hamburger and that’s why they’re the best. 

Here are the best doggos putting up with their humans. 

Say goodbye to your street cred

When your mom thinks she’s helping but she’s just making it worse. 

Not a seafood lover

Get that fish outta mah face!

Hand over the goods

When they’ve asked you if you want the treat for the seventh time. 

A dastardly plot

If human cannot watch the loud, blinking box, human has more time for pets.

How provocative

Here we have the rarely-seen portrait of one of Jack’s actual French girls. 

Millennials and their phones

When your best friend is in a crisis and your parents just don’t understand!

It looks so natural

Yes, the piece is harvested from a genuine border collie.

A proactive pup 

Well, what did you mean when you said take a bath?


You’re getting so big!

When it’s Thanksgiving and your uncle goes in for a hug. 

Step away from the hair kit!

Many have fallen victim to the quarantine boredom.

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