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Friday the 13th, a day for bad luck and superstitions and a bit of spooky fun. Here are the most relatable memes.

Get a laugh on this cursed day: The best Friday the 13th memes

Friday the 13th, a day for bad luck and superstitions and a bit of spooky fun. It’s like a little bit of Halloween during the part of the year when it’s “unacceptable” to have bats on your walls or whatever. Honestly, some people just don’t have that fun spookiness of Halloween to carry around the rest of the year. 2020, however, leaves Friday the 13th hitting a bit differently.

Maybe it’s because 2020 feels like such a cursed year on its own? The day of bad luck just leaves people holding their breath and waiting for that other shoe to drop. Either way, there are plenty of Friday the 13th memes to help laugh away all that’s going on today. Yes, there are a lot of Jason memes. Because, really, what’s Friday the 13th without memes about Jason Voorhees? 

To be extra on brand, here are 13 Friday the 13th memes to celebrate this oh so spooky day.

1. Friday the 13th . . . but make it 2020

Yikes? 2020 has been a rough year. For many people, hearing about Friday the 13th in 2020 is like hearing the Apocalypse is ready to kick down your door. And it’s all so very, very, very scary.

2. Seriously! 

For many people, Friday the 13th is just a day to vibe and be a little spooky. Maybe watch a horror movie. But, again, 2020 is just such a dumpster fire of the year that you’re just seriously waiting for this day to somehow make things worse. 

3. Hmmmm . . . .

Could the 20 be the year version of Friday the 13? 1820, 1920, 2020, etc . . . they haven’t been awesome years in the grand scheme of things. There’s something to this.

4. Think about Jason’s livelihood! 

Sorry, Jason buddy. Wait until the virus calms down and maybe you’ll be terrifying again, okay? Why don’t you go get a juice box and stab a counselor in the stomach? Would that make you feel better?

5. Spread out the unlucky vibes

Friday the 13th, 2020 had such a massive energy that it was just spreading around the whole of the year. Now . . . that’s a thought.

6. Guess what day it is!

It’s not a good day for counselors over at Camp Crystal Lake. That’s what kind of day this is. RIP to them.

7. What on Earth kills this dude?

Someone go get and a shaman or something and get Jason freaking exorcised! There has to be something to kill this guy at this point!

8. Jason but on a molecular level

Well, this is definitely a new way for the coronavirus to get even more horrifying. This probably can’t happen. Unless it can and no one is telling us these things, you know? 

9. Is anyone really talking about Friday the 13th though? 

2020 has just left us all collectively desensitized and now Jason’s sad again. Now, he needs another juicebox and counselor to murder. Someone go get his mother as well to calm him down. 

10. Friday the 13 in my 2020? More terrifying than you’d think

Mood. These memes are just such a mood. Anyone else feeling that collective existential dread kicking in yet? 

11. Cheers! 

Raise a glass, you majestic disasters for which Friday the 13th just doesn’t terrify you because your life is just such a mess on its own. Raise them up! Today is for you, boo! 

12. Book it. Jason’s here! 

Listen, your friends are your family and you’d do anything for him. But when the machete-wielding masked man arrives, you book it and give them an F in the group chat. That’s when you just get out of there.

13. Get ready to do those noises, folks

And don’t forget to hum the theme song for Friday the 13th!


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