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'The Flash' movie released its long awaited first look at DC's Fandome this weekend. See how the internet feels about the footage so far.

Is ‘The Flash”s teaser disappointing DC fans?

The Flash movie is, perhaps, the DC project that has the most curiosity surrounding it. Why wouldn’t it? The Ezra Miller-starring project has gone through like four directors over the course of years with release dates being pushed back all the time. It was the closest thing to being in development hell without, you know, being shelved in there forever, you know? 

During DC Fandome on Saturday (October 16th), fans got their first look at the footage from the upcoming movie version of The Flash. If you’re curious to see if fans are excited or disappointed by this footage, then let’s go over to Twitter to see what they think about things.



So people are more excited about Batman than the Flash, huh? 


*raises eyebrow*

Meanwhile, people are excited to see Supergirl in action.



Flash fans, however, don’t care what the haters have to say.


Not gonna lie

The glow-y lines are pretty baller.


It’s been 84 years

Not gonna lie, we laughed.


Please be the good insane

It does look insane.



People are honestly pretty divided about the suit.



Yeah, we have some questions.


We have questions!!

How we all felt after that teaser.


We all just need to adjust.

The basic feeling for everyone about the movie.

How are you feeling about the news from DC Fandome about the new The Flash movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Suit is legit badass but the cowl could get a 2nd opinion. Reminds me of Big Daddy’s helmet from Kick-Ass.

    October 20, 2021

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