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Mother's Day is here, meaning it won't be long until Father's Day rolls into 2021. Get a head-start on picking a gift for Dad with these ideas now!

Struggling to find a Father’s Day gift? These 2021 gadgets are perfect

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which can be insanely stressful in these times. COVID-19 is still hanging over our heads, so most of us will have to rely on Amazon’s catalog of gifts more than ever (while also praying they come on time)

Even without a pandemic, buying a Father’s Day gift is always tough, especially when your dad gives the classic “I don’t want anything” speech. You could go for a tried & true gift in 2021 (again), like a new coffee mug or a new tool for the grill, but you can only give your dad those things so many times before it becomes too much. Where does that leave us then? 

Luckily, we have the answer for you! We searched the internet for the best gadgets to give your dad for Father’s Day 2021. Grab your shopping bags, and dive into our list of gifts to give your dad for Father’s Day 2021. 

Tiki Tunes 

If your dad’s happy place is in your backyard or playing host to summer barbecues, then this first addition to our list of Father’s Day 2021 gift ideas is for you! This beautiful Tiki Tunes speaker will add great ambiance to your outdoor events while providing some great tunes. 

Tiki Tunes is an innovative product that lets you run a barbecue with ease, letting dad stay by the grill as the music floats over the party and the drinks keep flowing. The tiki-like speaker provides high-quality sound while amplifying the ambiance with a warm LED light flicker. 

Your guests will love the gorgeous colors the speakers provide while your neighbors will be jealously wondering where they can get one. This gift will put a smile on your dad’s face and help take your summer barbecues to new heights. 


While there’s always going to be a new iPhone (with questionable amounts of updates), this next addition to our list of Father’s Day 2021 gift ideas reminds us that the memories we make with our dads will always be priceless

iMemories is extremely easy to give to any dad who has made sure no precious memories have been lost: the company sends you the easy-to-use kit and all dad has to do is place all of his VHS, film, and photos inside the kit and send it off to the company (don’t worry, they make sure that everything is safely transported!)

From there, iMemories works tirelessly to convert these lovely memories into a high-resolution, digital or DVD format that can be viewed on most modern devices. These memories can be easily downloaded & shared, ensuring nothing gets forgotten. For the dad who loves to chronicle all the big & little moments, this is the gift that keeps on giving. 


If there’s one thing that dad’s love to do, it’s fixing things (with varying levels of skill or success). Our last addition to our list of Father’s Day 2021 gift ideas is a must-have for the handyman in your life! 

Bondic, a do-it-all liquid bonder, is specifically designed to use a unique liquid formula that dries in just four seconds while using the included specialty UV light. Once cured, Bondic will last forever, making sure that every job doesn’t have to be done twice. 

Bondic is safe for every kind of surface, from metal to wood to glass, so no matter the job, Bondiac can do it! With no risk of sticky fingertips, Bondic becomes the best gift for any DIY-loving dad. 

Do you have any other great Father’s Day 2021 gift ideas? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep unwrapping them! 

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