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We’ve rewatched the 'Hustlers' trailer a million times and gotten the dish on the strippers coming to theaters near you later this year.

Why we’re excited for ‘Hustlers’

It’s that time of year again: Comic-Con is coming around and film studios are dropping their best trailers for movies coming up in the next year. Even though they don’t have a presence at the convention this year, STX Films dropped the trailer for the film most people didn’t know about – but everyone needs: Hustlers. 

The first trailer features a bunch of A-list actresses as strippers screwing over the Wall Street elite. The film is based on a New York Magazine article from 2016 by Jessica Pressler, following the true story of former strip club employees teaming up to hustle their rich Wall Street clientele. 

Every once in a while, a film drops with a cast so good that nothing else matters – you’re simply on board. Hustlers looks to be that film this upcoming fall. We’ve rewatched the trailer a million times and gotten the dish on the strippers coming to theaters near you later this year.


Aside from the awesome premise, the reason to see this film is this amazing cast. Led by Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians) and Jennifer Lopez (The Boy Next Door), Hustlers’s cast list is star-studded. It features rappers Cardi B & Lizzo in their big-screen debuts, Lilli Reinheart (Riverdale), Keke Palmer (Scream: The TV Series), Julia Stiles (10 Things I Hate About You), and Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale). 

If you need more convincing of how awesome that cast list is, creep on everyone’s Instagrams to see how much fun filming was. The cast quickly became the best of friends while filming – and we’re envious we didn’t get invited to any of the partay action.


Strippers taking on Wall Street? Sign us up! We all remember how bad the 2009 recession was, and yet all these guys stayed rich while the 99 percent suffered. Now they’re going to get messed with by the girls they least expect.

The plot is based on a New York Magazine’s “The Hustlers at Scores”, a 2016 article by Jessica Pressler. A group of employees at the gentlemen’s club Scores teamed up to scam Wall Street suits by drugging them and running up their credit card at the clubs – a unique story with a lotta ins & outs.


Mad props to people who can pole dance – and from the looks of it, our stars learned how to do so for Hustlers. Just look at the six pack on JLo in the trailer. You can’t fake that.

The girls look great on and off the pole with blingin’ outfits throughout. But we shouldn’t be surprised – we’re talking about girls messing with Wall Street guys. Dey got dat dough.


Unlike a lot of films nowadays that trick you into thinking you’re watching the Big Apple, Hustlers was actually filmed in NYC. We’ll get to see every part of New York, from the variety of strip clubs around to the luxurious Wall Street offices, to the gorgeous shopping districts where our girls spend their hard-earned hustle money. 

Plus, people go to New York to make a name for themselves, so the city’s the perfect backdrop for the plot. These girls want to make it big, so they picked the best location possible to hustle their way to the top.

Although it’s a long wait until the fall, we’ll get some more footage to hold us over before then. For those in the U.S. & UK, catch Hustlers in your local theater on September 13th. Depending on where you live in Europe, expect Hustlers sometime between September and early November, so keep an eye out at your local cinema.

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