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Bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey has died at the age of fifty-nine. Here are the best books you should read again.

Remembering Eric Jerome Dickey: All the best books to read again

Bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey has died at the age of fifty-nine. He passed away on January 3rd due to complications from a long illness. The writer published over twenty-nine novels throughout his career, including Milk in My Coffee, Sleeping with Strangers, and Friends and Lovers.

Dickey’s books depict erotica, romance, and suspense told through black perspectives. His books have been translated into various languages and sold in a various number of countries. His work has been widely praised and he was once nominated for Storyteller of the Year at the first animal ESSENCE Literary Awards.

Dickey published his first short story in 1994 titled Thirteen. Since then, he’s published dozens of books and became a renowned & beloved author. Eric Jerome Dickey books have become a treasure to read in recent decades.

Mourning the loss but celebrating the life

People close to Dickey gave their condolences on social media. Dutton, his publisher, called him “an iconic author and friend” on Twitter. “He will be greatly missed by us at Dutton and by the readers and fans he adored,” Dutton’s post said.

Dickey’s publicist, Emily Canders, knew him for a long time. She also posted about him on social media after his passing.

“As Eric’s publicist for many years, I’ll always remember what a kind, genuine person he was. Even when I was a young publicist (that definitely made mistakes here & there!) he was always so gracious. And it’s rare to find fans more loyal than his,” she wrote.

Legacy of Eric Jerome Dickey books

Eric Jerome Dickey books were written in a conversational tone, making Dickey better able to connect with his audience. Although he was a beloved author, he didn’t always want to write. According to his personal website, he got a degree in computer system technology and was going to become an engineer. A friend convinced him to take a writing class, and his passion for the art kept building up from there.

“I actually went to the class with a friend, who talked me into taking a class with her because she didn’t want to be the only African American in the class. And I went reluctantly, and I stayed and she dropped out. I took a lot of classes, I mean, and I would sometimes take class once a week,” Dickey said in an interview with NPR.

Dickey has talked about how many of his early works, such as Sister, Sister, focused on black women. He wrote about them because he said he noticed a lack of “literacy representation.” Here are more Eric Jerome Dickey books to remember him by:

Milk in My Coffee

Milk in My Coffee is a 1999 New York Times bestseller. This is an iconic book in the vast collection of Eric Jerome Dickey books. In this book, Dickey takes readers through an exploration of the complexities of interractial relationships.

The book faced controversy because of its content, but it also caused a lot of people to stop and think. The book delves into deep topics that offer a lot of insight.

Liar’s Game

A number of Eric Jerome Dickey books received awards, including Liar’s Game. This book got Dickey an NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding Literary Work. The book also reached the number one spot on the Blackboard Bestsellers List.

Liar’s Game has a lot of relatable characters that helped bring this story to life and keeps readers wanting to read more.

The Other Woman

The Other Woman is another great read in the lineup of Eric Jerome Dickey books. This book looks at how a husband betrayed his wife, ending his marriage where usually nothing significant happens. This book also received an NAACP Image Award.

Before We Were Wicked

Before We Were Wicked is a newer novel in the collection of Eric Jerome Dickey books. Published in 2019, this book follows the story of characters who have a one night stand that turns into more.

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