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'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' is definitely in a state of needed turmoil right now. Here are all the celeb guests who've roasted Ellen.

The celebs who roasted Ellen DeGeneres on her own show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is definitely in a state of needed turmoil right now. With the investigation from WarnerMedia well underway over the allegations of racism and harassment alleged in the Buzzfeed News article, staffers from the series are apparently celebrating the investigation. 

The staff of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, however, are probably not the only ones enjoying this though. Over the years, plenty of celebrities have roasted or clapped back at Ellen. The ones that have gotten the most attention, however, are those celebs who dared do the do and roasted Ellen while appearing on her show. A+ work there, famous people. 

Blake Shelton

Apparently, Blake Shelton appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was given a clock. Well, the next time he came back? Ellen brought up the clock. And, oh boy, there was apparently some shenanigans behind the scenes regarding that freaking clock. As Mr. Shelton put it:

“But you didn’t give it to me. I walked backstage and somebody back there was like, ‘Hey, thanks for being on the show. Can I have that?’ And they took it.”

Sean Hayes

This is probably the granddaddy of all the roasts you’ll see on this list. Hayes went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the subject of Will & Grace came up. Or, well, Ellen asked how long the series was on before it got cancelled. Hayes’ iconic response? “I think it was longer than your sitcom.”

Ouch. Someone go and get Ellen some burn cream there. 

Dakota Johnson

The whole thing between Ellen and Dakota Johnson is a saga to say the least. While she called Ellen out for, you know, making her believe that she didn’t like Johnson. The true roast of the hour is when Johnson said, “Tig Notaro is my favorite comedian.” 

Right. To. Ellen’s. Face. On. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Johnson, clearly, is a roast master. 

Wanda Sykes

Ellen had a comedy tour. Or, well, you could loosely call it a comedy tour. Was it one? No, no it wasn’t. Ellen went to four cities with most of her tour dates in the Los Angeles area. (Why tour when her show is filming? The world may never know.) Wanda Sykes, however, was more than happy to roast her for it.

She brandished the t-shirt with the four cities in front of God, Ellen, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show audience, looking her dead in the eye, and merely said “Four cities . . .

Hasan Minhaj

Note for all of you who want to do interviews or get into broadcast, learn how to pronounce people’s names, okay! And if you can’t find it, then ask ahead of going on national television. Because, when Minhaj came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen didn’t know how to say his name right. Minhaj called out Ellen, saying if she could pronounce Ansel Elgort’s name, then she could pronounce his.

Roast and shame all in one. Good job, Minhaj! It’s the only way to make sure people do the basic courtesy and learn proper name pronunciation! 

Katy Perry

Back in the day, Katy Perry was married to actor and comedian Russell Brand. While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show once, Ellen presented Perry with some gifts for her wedding. Apparently, however, Ellen’s memory lasted about as long as the union, not that long. Because she totally forgot that Perry was married.

Which led to Katy Perry awkwardly reminding Ellen about her former marriage in front of everyone on national television. Awkward. 

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