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Ellen DeGeneres's net worth is continuously getting hit. Here's what we know about the ex-producer's accusations against DeGeneres.

Is Ellen DeGeneres’s net worth in peril? An ex-producer’s accusations

At this point, there aren’t really any allegations about The Ellen DeGeneres Show that would surprise people. After the bombshell Buzzfeed News report dropped with allegations ranging from improper termination to racism, on top of sexual harassment claims against some of the EPs, it seemed like nothing could since Ellen DeGeneres’ net worth further.

That is, until another set of allegations came out against the show, this time specifically against Ellen herself. Former producer Hedda Muskat has spoken out to Channel 7’s Sunrise about her time on the show, saying she was emotionally abused by not only other staff members, but Ellen as well. 

Claims of “snarling” and discomfort

Muskat alleged during her interview that Ellen made it clear to her that she wasn’t welcome on set, nor in the presence of the host. “When you walk into [Ellen’s] office to pitch her your segments there was always a snarl and I always felt that I was never welcome.” Muskat said about Ellen. 

Even when Muskat brought her daughter in to meet Ellen, she was shown “disrespect”. “She just snarled again, walked by and I was flabbergasted, she didn’t even make eye contact. I was told later to no longer bring my daughter to work . . . I was told . . . ‘she doesn’t want kids in the office’.”

Ed Glavin becomes the dog

Matching up to other allegations, Muskat says things took a turn for the worse when EP Ed Glavin was hired. “He became her dog, her voice.” Muskat described Glavin’s role. 

“I was privy in meetings while [Ed] went off at people with a vein bulging in his neck … she (Ellen) would turn around, laugh, and say that ‘every production needs their dog’.” Muskat alleged about meetings with the crew. From there, her interactions with Ellen became much more limited. 

“I was told by my executive producer to no longer go in her office and to have my underling, who was a new hire with no talk show experience, go in and pitch my segments, that Ellen no longer wanted me to come in.” Muskat recalled. 

In the end, Glavin was the one who fired Muskat after she refused to give up her sources to the EP. When called into a meeting to discuss where she found her guest, Muskat alleges she told Glavin she would help coach him into finding better sources, but she wouldn’t give up her personal list. 

“From that moment I was on the hit list and I was no longer invited to staff meetings – I was told to no longer attend.” Muskat recalls. After season 1 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended, Muskat was fired by Glavin. 

Trying to set the record straight

Since it’s been so long since Muskat was fired, she was worried some will think she’s just coming out now for clout or because she’s a disgruntled employee trying to get in on the fun of bashing Ellen. But her mission for coming forward is trying to help paint a picture of a toxic work environment. 

“I chose not to go public until 17 years later when I started seeing her disparaging comments trivializing all these people who were accusing her. I was like, I gotta come forward.” she said. “I’m doing this to set the record straight that we must not condone a toxic culture that’s happening in the workplace.”

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