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Do you want tickets to 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' when lockdown is over? Here are all the reasons why you might not want to go.

Have tickets to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’? Why you might not go

If you’re just waiting for this lockdown to end so that you can be one of the first audience members to get jiggy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you may want to hold off until you’ve read the rules. Besides Ellen DeGeneres being accused of having a toxic work environment, even the audience members have to be subject to the “unique” environment in The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Prohibited items can be confiscated from The Ellen DeGeneres Show audience

For starters, you’re not allowed to bring cameras in The Ellen DeGeneres Show studio. The FAQ section of The Ellen DeGeneres Show says that fans shouldn’t bring items they wouldn’t bring to an airport. Certain items can be confiscated by security if you bring them. Luckily you are allowed to bring a phone, which makes us wonder if lots of people were bringing old-timey cameras with exploding bulbs on set.

There’s a strict dress code for the audience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Before you even leave to try and get on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, make sure that you’re not dressed boring. Audience members are not allowed to wear black and white clothes. Instead, audience members are required to wear bright colors and dress well. If you’re planning on wearing jeans know that The Ellen DeGeneres Show has a selective dress code and may judge you like your aunt at that last wedding.

Don’t even think about coordinating outfits like those peasants on The Price is Right. It’s forbidden by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for people to wear group outfits, and gives the staff reason to deny you entry. We’re not sure why you can’t wear matching outfits, but maybe producers don’t want you taking attention from Ellen DeGeneres flaunting her Ellen DeGeneres style on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show is on their own for accommodations and comfort

When you get to LA, you should also take care of any accommodations yourself. Since LA is a huge city, you’ll probably want to stay close by if you plan on being in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t provide any recommendations or help in finding accommodations nearby. And when waiting in line, you better bring an umbrella because if it rains they won’t provide you with one.

Strict no food policy for The Ellen DeGeneres Show audience

While you’re waiting in line, you should also get all your snacks and beverages in. Once you’ve entered The Ellen DeGeneres Show studio, food and drinks are prohibited, so tell your diabetes to shut up and look pretty. The Ellen DeGeneres Show provides audience members with a map of places that are walking distance from the studio where they can eat if they need to.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show audience might not actually sit with friends

After you’ve made the harrowing journey of picking out exciting clothes, finding accommodation, and gorging before entering the studio, you should also know that you might not sit with your family or friends. The tickets to The Ellen DeGeneres Show are given out at random and you are assigned seating based on the random ticket number. There’s a chance you may lose grandma if you’re not careful.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show requires audience members to dance on command 

And if you’re lucky enough to make it this far, you still might be forced to be one of the dancing monkeys in the dance row. Although all audience members are expected to clap and dance at choreographed intervals, the deepest circle of Ellen hell is being summoned to join the dance row. To be in the dance row of The Ellen DeGeneres Show you must already be familiar with overused pop songs and have no shame. 

If these warnings aren’t enough to keep you from wandering into the cultural wasteland of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, then there’s nothing we can do anymore to help you. Just remember that when your only claim to fame was that Ellen DeGeneres brushed past you while dancing like a clown you could have spent that time doing anything else in LA.

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