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Ellen DeGeneres has had many awkward moments in her talk show. Here is a list of people who weren’t afraid to express their discomfort to Ellen.

The celebrities who threw shade at Ellen DeGeneres on her show

Ellen DeGeneres has had many awkward moments in her talk show as well as some cringy skits that involved both celebrities & members of the audience. Remember that time when Ellen took Michelle Obama grocery shopping to get her used to life outside the White House? That in itself is kinda mean, seeing as Michelle is a very strong & independent woman.

Sometimes the celebrities invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show are not having any of it and they end up calling Ellen out. There are many celebrities who weren’t shy to confront Ellen DeGeneres or even throw back a joke at her. Here is a list of people who weren’t afraid to express their discomfort to Ellen.

Sean Hayes

When Sean Hayes went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, both he & Ellen displayed some of their comedic abilities. While the two had some witty comebacks, it was still slightly awkward. Even though it seemed like both Ellen & Sean were joking in a friendly way, the interview is a bit hard to watch as it’s obvious the audience wasn’t sure how to react.

Sean looked surprised to learn that The Ellen DeGeneres Show had been on the air for fifteen years at that time. Ellen then asked Sean how long Will & Grace lasted, to which he jokingly replied “longer than fifteen”. 

Ellen responded by asking how long did it air before getting cancelled and Sean quipped that it was still longer than Ellen’s sitcom. Finally, Ellen replied that Will & Grace was only possible because she came out in the first place.

Ariana Grande

Back when Ariana started dating Mac Miller, Ellen was the first to bring it up in an interview. It was pretty obvious that Ariana Grande wasn’t expecting this question as she was visibly uncomfortable with it. Ariana even stared at the pictures of her & Mac as if she were trying to figure out how to address it.

Ellen DeGeneres joked about how one of the previous times she had spoken to Ariana Grande, the singer explained that she & Mac were just homies but now he’s “living in her ‘homie’”. Ariana didn’t know how to respond to Ellen’s questions so she replied: “This is so crazy, I’ve never had like the relationship talk on a show before.” Ariana just wasn’t down for that convo & it shows.

Katy Perry

The time Ellen DeGeneres forgot Katy Perry had been married was painful to watch. Katy Perry had to remind Ellen of her marriage to Russell Brand back in 2009. Katy didn’t seem to be bothered by this as she jokingly signaled to the camera, doing a cutting scissors motion to hint they should not include that part in the final cut.

What’s even worse is that Ellen had actually given Katy Perry a wedding gift. Katy had to remind Ellen of the present because apparently the talk show host couldn’t recall it. They both handled it well but it was hard to watch how Ellen forgot a big detail about her guest’s life.

Dakota Johnson 

When Dakota Johnson was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show things got way more awkward than with Katy Perry’s mishap. First of all, Dakota felt surprised she was invited to the show because she thought Ellen DeGeneres didn’t like her. Ellen was also shocked that Dakota would think this, but it turns out there was a reason for it.

Apparently, Dakota had invited Ellen to her birthday party and she never showed up nor declined the invitation. To make matters worse, Ellen had no recollection of ever being invited. The host turned to her crew asking why she didn’t attend to which they replied that she was out of town. Ellen then confirmed that she had “that thing”.

In the end, Ellen remembered the invitation and admitted Dakota had invited her. However, the damage was done. It was obvious that she had skipped Dakota Johnson’s birthday and didn’t even think of a good excuse not to go.

Wanda Sykes

Ellen DeGeneres probably didn’t think Wanda Sykes would call her out like she did when Ellen invited her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Wanda made fun of Ellen’s comedy “tour” and she had even brought a t-shirt of the Relatable tour to make her point.

Wanda Sykes pointed out that four out of the seven dates of the tour were scheduled in Los Angeles. The other three dates were for San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle meaning that Ellen had only visited the West Coast. Ellen only replied by saying she was busy. Wanda made a really good point though, it’s hard to call that a tour.

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