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Is season 4 of 'Stranger Things' the one where Eleven exits the show? Let's see what we can learn from Millie Bobby Brown's contract renegotiation!

Is ‘Stranger Things’ getting an Eleven spin off? Millie Bobby Brown tells all

If you know a single character from Stranger Things, it’d be Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven. Sure, Hopper is a big fan-favorite, and Winona Ryder’s Joyce captures everyone’s 80s nostalgia . . . but as far as breakout stars, it’s hard to argue the super-powered Eleven isn’t at the top of the list. The character has made Millie Bobby Brown a household name.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why a Stranger Things spinoff focusing on Eleven would be a logical step for the franchise. But is that actually happening, or is it all wishful thinking from Stranger Things fans suffering from Eleven withdrawals due to the COVID pandemic?


With three seasons of Stranger Things madness behind us – and at least one more, probably two, to come – it’s fair to say Millie Bobby Brown is probably the member of the young cast who has come out ahead the most. Finn Wolfhard might have made it into the It remake, but nobody is clamoring for him to star in another Netflix show or original movie. No takers for a Mike spinoff, go figure.

Playing Eleven in Stranger Things, however, has catapulted Millie Bobby Brown from Netflix into the Godzilla franchise. The young actress starred in 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters and is reprising her role in this year’s Godzilla vs. Kong. Staying true to her Netflix roots, Brown also starred in (and produced!) last year’s hit Enola Holmes, where she played Sherlock’s little sister.

So, unlike most of her teenage costars, Millie Bobby Brown has managed to develop a career beyond  just being “Eleven from Stranger Things” – which is why reports of her renegotiating her contract with Netflix sound credible. Brown certainly has the clout to do so and her agents know it.

An agent’s dream

A few months ago, Sausage Roll reported Millie Bobby Brown’s Netflix contract had been renegotiated to include a pay raise, as well as spinning off Eleven from Stranger Things into her own vehicle.

Sausage Roll quoted an unnamed source as saying, “Brown has signed on for her own Stranger Things spinoff as Eleven which will begin filming in 2021. It is unclear whether the deal is for a Netflix exclusive movie or a mini series, but pictures of Carrie are being passed around the studio as inspiration.” Carrie? That sounds ominous. We’ve already seen Eleven go to prom though . . .

As for Millie Bobby Brown’s pay bump, it was originally reported by industry insider Daniel Richtman and confirmed by Sausage Roll’s anonymous source: “I’m not aware of the precise details of Millie’s new contract but I’ve heard the terms were renegotiated due to Enola Holmes 2 and the Stranger Things spinoff. Understandably she wants more money as she’ll be doing a lot of work for Netflix in the coming years.”

Stranger Futures

Another reason why an Eleven spinoff is easy to buy is that Stranger Things already did some in-show prep for it. Most fans want to forget the season 2 episode “The Lost Sister”, but that was basically a back-door pilot for Eleven to go off on her own adventures. The generally icy reception to the episode might have put those plans on hold, but that might not have been a permanent situation.

According to Stranger Things creators, the Duffer brothers, the show has at least one more season to go after season 4 – assuming it gets renewed (Ha!). Of course, that doesn’t mean Eleven will stick around for the remainder of the run, even though it’s hard to imagine Stranger Things without her. Millie Bobby Brown herself hasn’t said anything herself, letting speculation run rampant.

At any rate, with season 4 of Stranger Things dropping sometime this year, at least some of our questions regarding the future of the franchise should be answered. The Duffer brothers could very well throw us a curve ball and kill Eleven in the upcoming season, making the spinoff a prequel set during her “The Lost Sister” time. You laugh, but you know it could happen.

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