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The latest earthquake to hit California definitely happened along with a couple others. Learn everything you need to know about these quakes.

Is this latest earthquake an April Fools prank? California residents say “no”

It’s April Fool’s Day, which automatically makes the Internet a more dangerous place than usual. Corporations are trying to be clever. People are side-eyeing their followers. There is suspicion on almost every level. Honestly, if there’s a day to peace out from the Internet, then it’s probably April Fool’s Day. What’s not a terrible prank, however, is the latest earthquake in California.

Yes, there was an earthquake in California. Yes, it’s real and not a prank. Yes, we’re going to explain what happened. Was anyone hurt? Was it terribly powerful? Was it the big one? So let’s take a moment to recalibrate and share the story of the latest (and very real) earthquake in California, shall we? 


There were actually a couple of decently strong earthquakes in California this week. On Tuesday, March 30, there was a magnitude 4.7 quake just off the coast of California. Luckily, however, the placement of the quake meant that the strongest shaking was felt in the water. People, however, in the Eureka region felt some weak inland movement from the quake. 

The other latest earthquake happened in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 31. A 3.4 magnitude earthquake was reported two miles from Prunedale, California. According to the LA Times, the quake occurred “five miles from Hollister, six miles from Salinas, 12 miles from Gilroy and 14 miles from Watsonville.” Now, as far as we can tell, no one was hurt during either quake.

To top things off, there was an earthquake on April 1st, which was a magnitude 3.2 centered in Los Angeles County’s Huntington Park. Shaking was felt in the areas of Maywood, Glendale, downtown LA, Pasadena, Long Beach, parts of the Valley, and Orange County. It was described as “rather mild” and no one reported any damages or injuries from the latest earthquake. 

How common are earthquakes? 

Pretty common. It’s honestly something that people in California just learn to live with. Well that and wildfires. Either way, however, if you don’t live in California, then it’s just a matter of preparedness to the phenomenon. Many people make earthquake kits, which is really a basket disaster kit. You need food, water, a radio, first aid kit, dust mask, plastic sheeting, and get ready to hunker down and be safe for a bit if it’s that bad.

Honestly, these latest earthquakes are, well, probably scary if you’re not used to them. In the Nevada & California area, 3.0 to 4.0 earthquakes are not that uncommon. In a recent three-year study, we know that 234 earthquakes occurred per year in that range (3.0 to 4.0) in these states. People just kind of accept it and get on with their lives the best they can. 

It all comes down to being safe and prepared more than anything else, which is what you can say with any sort of event that nature throws at us that wants us dead, you know? Just be prepared, be careful, and try not to do anything stupid. But yeah, earthquakes are fairly common and just a part of life in California. You’re not a real Californian until you just accept this fact and move on with your life after one happens. 

People thought this was a prank?

Yep, but it’s been confirmed by people who know about these things. People in California confirmed feeling the shakes themselves. Luckily, it was just a mild quake rather than anything too terrible

What do you think about these latest earthquakes in California? If it wasn’t April Fool’s Day, then do you think people would have cared? Let us know in the comments down below.


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