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After two months of absence, Kate Middleton will return to her public duties on Wednesday. Read why many speculate that the Duchess is pregnant!

Kate Middleton has returned, but is she actually pregnant?

Kate Middleton has finally returned to the public eye after being away for over two months. The Duchess of Cambridge will return on Wednesday to visit a Royal Air Force base to express her gratitude to those who helped in the evacuation of thousands of people from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton’s return to her public duties has floundered many suspicions of her being pregnant with her fourth royal child. Despite insiders denying the claims, people are still questioning if she is secretly pregnant. See what the Duchess of Cambridge has planned next and why all signs are pointing at her not being pregnant.

Kate Middleton’s absence from public duties

After a luxurious summer break and resting away from the public, Kate Middleton will be returning to her duties after over two months of inactivity. The last time the Duchess was seen was at the Wimbledon tennis championships final and the final of the European soccer championships with Prince William and Prince George on July 11th.

After, Kate Middleton and her family traveled to the southeast of France to attend her brother James Middleton’s wedding to financial analyst Alizée Thevenet. Over sixty days of absence has caused the public to start hypothesizing that the Duchess of Cambridge may be pregnant. However, it’s just been announced that Kate Middleton will be making a public appearance on Wednesday.


Her upcoming visit to RAF Brize Norton base

On Wednesday at the Royal Air Force Brize Norton, Kate is planning to speak with some of those who aided in the RAF’s massive humanitarian effort in Afghanistan. Amidst the Taliban’s takeover, 15,000 people were flown out of Kabul airport by the Royal Air Force. The mission has become the largest humanitarian aid operation in more than 70 years and Brize Norton became one of the main centers for entry to the U.K.

After such a success, the Duchess of Cambridge will meet RAF aircrew & medics who assisted evacuees at Kabul airport, the civilians & volunteers who established a Repatriation Centre at the base, providing key supplies and support on their arrival into the U.K. Incoming evacuees were supplied food, clothing, children’s toys, medical support, and sanitary products while waiting to be processed into the country.

It was also unveiled to the public that Prince William had participated in the operation to ensure an Afghan army officer and his family would be safely evacuated amidst the chaos. It’s been reported that Prince William had known the unnamed man when training together at Sandhurst Military Academy in 2006.

Could the Duchess of Cambridge be pregnant?

As we await Kate Middleton’s upcoming return, let’s look at what first sparked the pregnancy speculations and if it’s possibly true. Although it seems that Kate was simply at home caring for her family during the summer, her over sixty-day absence led to countless people speculating a fourth pregnancy.

However, it’s understood that with all prior three pregnancies, Kate Middleton was hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum, which is a form of extreme morning sickness. As of now, Kate has not visited a hospital in the past two months that the public knows of. Therefore, rumors of the Duchess being pregnant lack much evidence. 

Royal commentator Russell Myers shut down the rumors last week on Today by describing them as simply “mischief making” rather than any factual speculation. “What I can exclusively reveal. . . probably nothing,” he said of the rumors.

“The Duchess isn’t pregnant. I think some people have been asking the question of where has Kate been. But where the truth really lies is, they’ve been on holiday.”

Do you still think Kate Middleton might be pregnant? Or is it all just rumors? Let us know in the comments below!

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