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Excited for Disney plus day? Maybe you already know which title you're going to stream first! Join us as a new tradition rises, and get the latest info.

When can you stream ‘Shang Chi’ on Disney Plus?

Many of us remember the days of watching Disney Channel on cable, after school and over the weekends. We can think back to watching Disney Channel original movies on Friday and Saturday nights without a care in the world. Disney CEO Bob Chapek has mentioned today that Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings will arrive at Disney Plus available for streaming next month which the studio is calling Disney+ Day. 

It will be a consumer day, just a little something special celebrating the services. “We’ll be surprising people with offers and it will be an annual thing,” said Chapek. He added, “We’re going to have new content released against one of four key franchises.” He announced at the conference that they love their theatrical exhibition.

Mind you, the previous remarks came from the CEO of a studio that has experimented with controversial distribution models during the pandemic. But they still managed to keep the latest Marvel movie purely on a theatrical window yielding over $305M. Once again, Disney is making history. 

According to Chapek, “Some of our movies will have short windows,” he said, referring to Disney Animation’s upcoming Thanksgiving release of Encanto. Encanto can be streamed on Disney plus after thirty days of theatrical in time for Christmas. The CEO doesn’t mean it’s a means of decreasing income, but rather capturing the majority of people who’ll see it in a movie theater first. 

This will bring an extra boost on the service over the end-of-year holidays. Let us explore the upcoming Disney plus day!


Hollywood is changing. We have the means of watching what we want, when we want. There’s never been a better time for hosting movie nights and binge weekends! Ever since Disney plus arrived at the streaming arena, we can do anything from taking a trip back to the old days of the Disney renaissance, to the latest live action flicks. 

Through Disney plus, we can host those great movie nights with their GroupWatch, with up to six friends. Sometimes we feel like downloading a movie or series and watching on-the-go, maybe on a road trip. We enjoy and cherish a range of titles coming in stunning 4K UHD and Dolby Atmos sound on compatible devices. And the range continues to grow. The platform even allows us to stream on up to four devices at a time. 

Disney+ Day

Many companies have struggled to survive in the midst of the pandemic. But Disney was able to take advantage of the time, creating something that will give their customers some extra magic, even as we had to stay home. Of course, the parks were shut down and so many thoughts were coursing through our minds. 

With Disney plus living on the horizon, it was a downright perfect time for the streaming platform to shine. It didn’t take long for it to become a go-to streaming platform competing with Netflix’s top chair after starting up only a year prior. With well over 100 million subscribers, they’re dominating the entertainment business. 

Disney plus continues to showcase original shows, movies. They’ve even made a solution for fans who still don’t feel comfortable returning to a theatre through Premier Access which gives guests a choice to purchase a theatrical release like Jungle Cruise and Black Widow as home at an additional cost of $29.99 or to see in the theater. Disney plus is looking out for us!

Shang Chi

It seems like there’s always something new about to be streamed on Disney plus. When will we be able to stream Shang Chi on Disney plus? The CEO just announced during a Goldman Sachs 30th Annual Communacopia Conference that Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings will be on Disney+ come Friday, November 12 which will also be Disney+ day. 

Excited for Disney+ day? Tell us what you’re going to stream first in the comments below!

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