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Celine Dion has announced that she will be postponing her famous Las Vegas residency. See how old the singer is, as well as her impressive musical career.

How old is Celine Dion? Will she ever return to Las Vegas?

One does not truly experience Las Vegas without attending a Celine Dion show. No matter how old she is, fans can count on her ability to put on a show worthy of all the awards. 

Unfortunately, though, Dion’s recent health concerns may be the end of her legendary residency. She recently expressed sadness at having to postpone the return of her Las Vegas residency, Celine.

Her health concerns may be related to her age. The fifty-three-year-old singer has been performing since she was fifteen years old. Will she make a triumphant return to the Vegas stage or take this as an opportunity to retire?

Rising star

From Quebec to global superstar, Celine Dion has captivated fans no matter how old she was at the time. With the voice of an angel & the face of a model, Dion was a star in the making whose legacy would last a lifetime.

At twelve years old, she was composing her own music with songs like “Ce n’était qu’un rêve”. At fifteen years old, she had won multiple awards in France. This is an admirable feat considering English-speaking Quebecers have historically discriminated against French-speaking Quebecers.

Dion went on to enjoy international success as her musicality matured & expanded to reflect her vast experience. However, she didn’t captivate audiences in the U.S. until her iconic single “My Heart Will Go On” featured in the critically-acclaimed Titanic.

Queen of Las Vegas

Near or far, Celine Dion has captivated fans no matter how old they are. She went on to record multiple English-speaking albums and achieve commercial success. By 2002, she was undeniably a household name with even more potential to explore.

In 2002, Dion took her infinite talent to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV. Her first residency was A New Day, where she performed five nights a week to produce six hundred shows over a three-year period.

Artists starting residencies in Las Vegas used to be seen as a desperate bid to remain relevant. Many saw Dion as taking a risk. However, others saw her as making a brilliant business decision. Regardless, it paid off when her residencies started becoming the highlight of the strip, reminding fans of her prowess as a performer.

Love lost

Celine Dion’s marriage to René Angélil has been controversial because of how old she was when they first met. He became her manager when she was still twelve years old. While they didn’t start dating until later, her mother was among many concerned Angélil may have groomed her into romantic feelings she might not have otherwise had.

Yet, Dion has insisted their relationship didn’t become romantic until she was twenty years old. She describes knowing she was in love with him, even while he maintained a professional distance between them.

Their luxurious wedding ceremony was broadcast live on Canadian TV on December 17th, 1994. She was twenty-six years old & he was fifty-two years old. They were married for twenty-two years before Angélil passed due to throat cancer.

Medical concerns

Celine Dion has proven herself a consummate professional, regardless of how old she is when she’s working. After her husband’s passing, she spent eight months working on presenting the continuation of her Celine residency.

Dion has been working hard to ensure that the show – like her heart – will go on. With her recent health concerns, however, Celine has been postponed. Dion has cited painful muscle spasms as the reason for the untimely delay.

Fans enthusiastically anticipating her return were disappointed to learn of her illness-related delay. However, they’ve expressed love & support in her journey to wellness.

Whether or not this spells the end of her residency has yet to be seen. She has planned to return to the stage in February 2022. Either way, her fans will be waiting on the edge of their seats for Celine.

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