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Take a nostalgia trip with the power ballads queen, Celine Dion. Dive into her discography, experience the emotional rollercoaster, and reconnect with the timeless appeal of Celine Dion

The iconic artist Celine Dion has recently been diagnosed with a life-changing syndrome. Will she ever perform her songs live again?

Celine Dion has announced that she will be postponing her famous Las Vegas residency. See how old the singer is, as well as her impressive musical career.

Can you make a biopic without using someone's name? Discover how filmmakers took young Celine Dion's story and fictionalized it for Cannes right here.

Celine Dion has undergone a drastic transformation. Discover whether her weight loss diet pills work for you here.

Ellen DeGeneres and her tension with a guest can lead to some awkward television. Here are some cringeworthy 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' interviews.

As 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' ratings continue dropping, we’ve started to look back at some of the most awkward interviews. Is Ellen mean? Let's find out.