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The best thing we can do in such a dystopian world we live in is to stay always critical and questioning.

Is ‘Died Suddently’ the anti-vax movie conspiracy or reality?

There are plenty of reasons why several anti-vaxxers decided not to get vaccinated. Many anti-vaxxers’ motives have to do with political situations, others with fear of the unknown reactions as well as spiritual or religious thoughts. Definitely, vaccinating was key in advancing to the point of the pandemic where we currently are where we left masks behind.

No matter the reason behind someone’s decision to get vaccinated or not, decisions over our bodies should be taken from our conscious body autonomy. Yet, it is hard to either decide or opine consciously if we’re surrounded by fear & misinformation. Almost two years after the beginning of the pandemic vaccines are still a conversation topic as well as an issue for many. 

Died Suddenly is the name of Stew Peter’s recent documentary movie, which tells the story of several individuals that unfortunately passed after getting COVID-19 vaccinated. But is the movie an objective representation we can rely on to decide what to believe in and which decisions to take? Is Died Suddenly a conspiracy or reality? Which was supposed to be the safest option?

Died Suddenly & Twitter 

Believe it or not, this documentary was posted on the Died Suddenly Twitter account, which is currently verified but not due to its veracity or seriousness. As you may know, Elon Musk’s decision to provide blue check marks on Twitter to users who pay $8 is the reason this account was verified. Although this feature is now paused is shocking how online legitimation could cost less than $10. 

The documentary quickly reached more than 22,000 shares as well as 830,000 views and has become a trending topic on the platform. The film’s account has praised Musk in a tweet by labeling him in a tweet that said: “the first movie to premiere on Twitter since your friendly takeover.” Yet, other platform users have labeled this film as misinformative saying the examples of deaths in the movie are false.

Do you remember when in 2020 Elon Musk said neither he nor his family would get vaccinated? Let’s stay critical, there are several valid points for not wanting to get vaccinated with a dose of an unknown substance. The pandemic itself was a complete conspiracy scenario. But the perspective of a Tycoon with all sorts of resources to face an unknown disease is entirely far from reality. 

But further, than circling with this particular topic, it’s important to understand the power of social media owners. This will always end up determining the legitimacy certain discourses get over others depending on the platform they’re been treated. Although Twitter is a great social network, it’s fundamental to understand the way it works in order to stay critical. 

Conspiracy or reality? 

Please know this debate goes way far that this recent movie. No matter if you get your vaccine dose or not, it’s a true fact several people generated negative reactions that lead to death after getting vaccinated. Just as other several bunches of people died due to COVID-19 complications. Anyway, this was the reason why several vaccine brands like Astra Zeneca for example, weren’t allowed in European countries. 

Remember the eternal rankings of vaccine effectiveness where Pfizer was always on top? Please ask yourself if there are more effective vaccines than others or if it’s purely political convenience in order to control which bodies enter into certain territories. The so-called biopolitics developed by Michel Foucault explains the way systems get to control bodies. Several got vaccinated just to be able to take a plane.

The vaccine topic is definitely extensive, however, Died Suddenly shows several narrative mistakes in the cases they show. The film’s trailer shows a basketball player collapsing on the court in order to prove the vaccine was dangerous. Nevertheless, in  reality, the footage was taken before the vaccine was even available to the entire public. 

The best thing we can do in such a dystopian world we live in is to stay always critical and questioning. As well as informing ourselves from sources that validity is sustained in more than an $8 check. 

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