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Devan Leos Offers $150K To Settle New Tupac Conspiracy Claims


The Disney starpreneur Devan Leos is putting up a walloping incentive to end a lingering conspiracy theory.

Leos, known for his past role on Mighty Med as Alan, is sick to his stomach from conspiracies about the “Hail Mary” rapper Tupac Shakur. 

To put the ridiculous claims to rest, Devan devised a clever way to disprove the bogus claims that Tupac is alive.

The news broke yesterday after the actor took to social media– saying he was irked beyond belief after overhearing a conspiracy he thought was “disrespectful.”

Splashing out a hefty reward of $150,000, the confident actor-turned-entrepreneur announced a challenge that drives anyone to try and prove the rap legend Tupac Shakur is still alive. 

Leos announced his audacious offer on his official LinkedIn page in a move that may have fan forums in overdrive (and amateur sleuths rubbing their hands). 

Screen shot of linkedin post

Devan Leos Linkedin post

Outraged after overhearing repeated conspiracies about Tupac being alive, the ex-Mighty Med star unleashed this bombshell in his typical larger-than-life fashion. 

“I’m challenging anyone out there, convince me that Tupac is alive, and I’ll pay up,” Leos says, setting the internet alight with fervent speculation.

For those thinking they can fast-talk their way to a cool $150k, Leos quickly dampened hopes with a stern warning: crafted narratives won’t pass muster. 

As silver-tongued as some may be, their claims have got to survive the piercing gaze of independent experts. 

“We’ve hired a team of independent forensic and digital media experts,” warns Leos, “They’ll be verifying every submission for authenticity.”

It’s a determined call to action targeting the numerous stories that have swirled around since Tupac died in 1996. 

While this eccentric initiative may have raised some eyebrows, those familiar with Devan’s unorthodox approach to business and acting career will find it par for the course. 

“The goal,” says Devan Leos, “is to honor Tupac’s legacy, not tarnish it.” He reassures fans that his challenge’s motivation is respect for Shakur’s contribution to music, not an attempt to exploit his fame for personal gain. 

The impressive piles of emails already streaming in suggest Leos’ challenge has touched a nerve. What this means for the enduring legend of Tupac, only time will tell.

Leos says he won’t back down (unless requested by the Shakur family) until he gets an answer, paying homage to the rap legend’s mantra: “Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

But is this dumb little conspiracy even relevant?! Well, yes.

Highsnobiety dropped a big burger of an article two months ago, and not one with a thin little patty! It was about the lingering idea Tupac Shakur is still alive and well.

Tupac, the rap legend we all adore and miss, was gunned down in a drive-by in 1996.

You know the story. Or at least you think you do. For years, conspiracy theorists have come out of the woodwork saying Tupac is alive and well.

Cuba, New Mexico, Africa—you name it, they’ve claimed he’s there.

Maybe people are seeing a ghost? One anonymous source close to Film Daily who allegedly had ties to the rapper implies the faux citings could also be due to racism and stereotyping.

According to the source: “If you see a black man and the first thing you think is ‘that’s Tupac!’, something is wrong with you!” 

Highsnobiety mag went full-on-FBI mode, ripping the ‘Pac-still-walks’ theory apart. They’re calling out not just the wacko theorists but also the media and music industry for milking this whole “Tupac Lives” angle for all it’s worth.

Seriously, it’s like a cash cow that keeps on giving. Books, documentaries, even some “unreleased” Tupac music—it’s all been part of this wild circus. 

Speaking of documentaries, filmmaker Rick Boss got a special shoutout from Highsnobiety for his controversial film that claims Tupac swapped places with a body double. You’d think a guy with Boss in his name would know better than to disrespect a real BOSS!!!

But here’s where it gets real

The article they published highlights how we’ve turned Tupac from a man into a myth. He’s become this larger-than-life figure we use to spin-yarns and make a quick buck. And that’s a disservice to Tupac and his legacy.

The article urges everyone to snap out of it and honor Tupac correctly—by celebrating his music, his activism, and the real, human guy behind the iconic rhymes.

So, are we finally putting this whole “Tupac is alive” saga to bed? According to Highsnobiety and Devan Leos it’s about time we did. Highsnobiety has a damn good point:

Maybe it’s a call for us to focus on truth and say ‘peace out’ to wacky conspiracies.

Do you agree with Devan Leos that Tupac is indeed dead??? Or do you think a clever sleuthtracer extraordinaire will cash in on Devan’s well-gotten gains? 

Only time will tell.. but… he is.. actually DEAD?? Right?!?!!

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