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Hold Up, Devan Leos is Crashing the Cancel Culture Party!


Devan Leos with son and partner


Remember sweet little Devan Leos from your favorite Disney flicks? Well, he’s all grown up and is boldly taking on the nasty beast of cancel culture. This former Disney superstar turned corporate bigwig is dishing out some hard truths, calling cancel culture “backwards, not progressive.”

Once a child prodigy under the Disney banner, Devan’s journey is like no other. Going from flashing lights of Hollywood sets to the power-packed creative advertisements for Target, and Microsoft, he’s an A-lister in both worlds. 

Holding status as a high-ranking PR and crisis management executive, Leos sure knows a thing or two about, well, crises.


Leos lays it bare in his bid with OK Magazine: “I’ve seen my fair share of crises and been through my own.” 


Devan is sparking some serious conversation here, not just dishin’ dirt. This isn’t some celeb tantrum on the scale of Kanye’s infamous Twitter tirades, oh no. Devan is locking horns with the 800-pound gorilla in the room – cancel culture. Straight from the horse’s mouth, Leos isn’t sugar-coating his words when it comes to our internet court of judgement. 


“The idea that we should be quick to ‘cancel’ and root for someone’s downfall, instead of encouraging their rehab, is regressive. Cancel culture is holding us back,” he points out.


Here’s the scoop, folks: Devan himself is no stranger to steep falls from grace. Back in 2018, our former Disney sensation had a close call with the law. But instead of going down the Lindsay Lohan route, Devan owned up, buckled up, and began his uphill journey towards personal growth.


Leos opens up, saying, “I didn’t hurt anyone, but I deeply regret my behavior and have profound remorse for my actions.” No media gimmicks here, folks—Devan owns his past as a beacon for second chances in the unforgiving glitz and glamour of Hollywood.


But the story doesn’t end here. Amidst the uproar and career upheavals, Devan was facing his own private demons. 


A victim of abuse from a now-convicted offender, Acton Bowen, Leos’ world was in shambles. But like a true champion, Devan trudged on, using his pain as fuel for his fight to the top.


Leos spilled the beans to OK Magazine about his struggles with mental health, journey to overcome trauma, and efforts towards personal betterment. This Disney alum is showing us the real deal, proving it ain’t just about tasting humble pie, it’s about baking it and serving it, too!


Devan’s got a unique take on cancel culture that’s making us pause and rethink. “We need critical thinking, rehabilitation potential, and a dose of compassion,” Leos advocates, pushing for a balanced perspective on cancel culture. Damn right, Devan!


Now here’s some 2022 plot-twist for ya! Devan Leos, the Disney kid with a tough past, is now a high-flyer. Juggling roles as CEO of DDigital and co-founder of CMNT, a non-profit organization standing up for crime victims, Devan’s also spreading his tech wings as the CCO for an Idaho-based startup, Undetectable AI. 




And, it just keeps getting brighter. Devan recently stepped into fatherhood, welcoming his son, Jackdanger, into the world. Devan’s proving he can balance daddy duties with business deals like a boss!


Leos isn’t one to forget life lessons. He’s using his past struggles as a platform to spark conversations about cancel culture, personal growth, and rehabilitation.


“It’s never too late to turn your life around and succeed—no matter what people say or think about you. Keep improving, no matter how difficult it seems,” Leos shared with OK! Magazine. Talk about dropping some motivation!


So, what’s next for this Disney star turned culture-challenger? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure—Devan Leos ain’t backing down anytime soon. 


He’s all geared up to stir the cancel culture pot and we’re here for it. Stay tuned for more Devan Leos scoop—it’s bound to be bucket loads of juicy!

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