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Social distance has become a way of life since COVID-19, but some found ways to keep close. Enjoy the cutest moments of the year.

Far away yet never closer: Cutest social distance moments of 2020

The top cutest social distance moments of 2020 include the best of old & new friendships. With the COVID-19 pandemic turning our lives upside down we are celebrating the end of the year with the top cutest social distance moments guaranteed to make you smile.

Buzzfeed has given us a look into these top cutest 2020 moments. The past few months we’ve smiled more at home than we ever did thanks to these social distance stories.

New friends

The innocence of a baby deer and toddler has touched our hearts in 2020. The cute social distance video shows a little deer hiding behind a garbage can and a little child hesitant to make a move. Both kids are extremely frightened of one another but in the end they finally come together in a touching moment. Who said we can’t make friends in our backyard?

Tears of joy

A student has just reached new heights with a $40,000 scholarship into law school. The student’s mother starts to read the letter and looks like she saw a ghost. The proud mother holds tightly to the letter and  starts dancing while screaming on the phone with tears of joy.

Under the sea

Social distancing has taken a toll on many social butterflies, but for one man it was time to reinvigorate what he does best: diving in the deep blue sea. A man dressed in a full diving costume took out his oxygen tank and decided to explore the mysteries of his swimming pool.

Table for whom?

We have heard of bird baths & feeders, but have you heard of a picnic table for squirrels? This idea may be nuts but also might be the most creative social distance moment of 2020. The squirrel park bench is the talk of the town with flexible hours and comfortable seating.

Baby sitting

The firefighters were in despair so Baby Yoda was there! The cute little Jedi-in-training made a group of firefighters feel the ultimate force of happiness.

Puppy love

The only thing better than social distancing is finding a video of puppies. Twitter brought us a fresh litter of puppies while their parents are just in awe.

Age is only a number

A woman went above & beyond to make a four-year-old’s social distancing experience the best one yet. According to Buzzfeed, a woman set up a fairy garden for the adventurous child with little notes everyday. The messages between the lady & child will warm your little quarantine heart.

Dance off

2020 means taking your hottest dance moves to the streets and this little girl & grandfather had the perfect dance battle. People magazine reported that after the pandemic hit, the six-year-old little girl still visited her best friend through a six-feet social distancing rule. Kira Neely hung out with her “Papa” and the dance became an immediate hit on social media.

Movie madness

A family created a movie theater in their own homes. With social distancing regulations they decided to bring the movies to their home with a food stand, a selection of seats, and baskets to carry their favorite movie snacks. The best part of the video is their safety gloves, fake money, and a ticket taker at the entrance. Ticket for two please? 

Too happy

Thanks to social distancing, one dog is the happiest he has ever been! A dog has undergone a medical condition that caused his tail to completely stop wagging. Due to his “over-wagging” joy for his family he has a wagless tail. We hope he still likes his family at home. 

The top cutest social distance moments have made us believe anything is possible! Let us know in the comments below what other great social distance moments you experienced this year.

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