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Andrew Cuomo is in hot water once more. Care to see the best Andrew Cuomo Twitter reactions that poke fun at the Governor's new apology video?

New York AG spilled the tea on Andrew Cuomo: Twitter’s best reactions

In the wake of the report that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women over the years, New York State Senate majority leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins has called for the governor to resign from his position as governor of New York City, a sentiment that was even echoed by President Joe Biden if in fact Cuomo was guilty of these allegations. 

In a desperate public relations move, Cuomo and his PR team posted a video on Twitter that not only serves as an apology, but an explanation as well. In the cringey video, Andrew Cuomo talks about his Italian roots, and how it is common to kiss strangers on the cheek when saying hello and goodbye, a sentiment echoed in an awkward montage of him kissing multiple genders and races over the years.

While we won’t offer our opinion on the situation just yet, we will turn to Twitter and see some of the best Andrew Cuomo Twitter reactions after posting this awkward video. Care to take a look at some of the funnier Andrew Cuomo Twitter reactions with us? Let’s delve in.

The montage of cringe

Take a shot every time you have to turn your head. Andrew Cuomo Twitter reactions are about to get lit. 

Silvio for Governor 

He should’ve whacked his PR person for this video. 

Future SNL cold open

We wonder if Clinton had sexual relations with that governor? With these Andrew Cuomo Twitter reactions we wouldn’t be surprised. 


We’re officially uncomfortable. 

The defense team

Reminds us of that one Jonah Hill scene in Get Him to the Greek

Lost in New York

Just waiting on a “Cliff” meme from Home Alone 2.

Equal opportunity 

Turn the other cheek for Andrew, people. 

Kiss of death

A soon to be Michael Moore Documentary, no doubt

Black Eyed please stop

“What’s wrong with the world, mama?” Andrew Cuomo Twitter jokes are on point today. 

Face coverings

New York being the epicenter for COVID-19 in 2020 all makes sense, now . . .

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