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Currently crowdfunding: From ‘On Our Doorstep’ to ‘The Heart is an Organ’, these are the films that deserve your support. Help make them a reality.

Currently Crowdfunding: ‘On Our Doorstep’, ‘The Heart is an Organ’, ‘They Reach’

Title: Montana

Funding goal: $30,000

Slate for filming: Filming complete, funding to help carry it to festival release.

Logline: An unraveling, psychological drama about hope, redemption, and the different ways in which we process grief.

Why you should support it: A portion of funding will be provided to an American suicide charity, and there’s not enough mature stories that follow the on-going and ever-increasing mental health crisis affecting today’s society.

Key team members: Michael Schwartz


Title: They Reach

Funding goal: $10,000

Slate for filming: Still to come, funding pays for prop work and monster creation

Logline: An adventurous tale of horror, suspense, friendship, and finding out what it takes to defeat evil.

Why you should support it: There’s not enough Sam Raimi-inspired horror in the world. Let’s be honest, we could all use a boost of gore fest horror every now and then.

Key team members: Sylas Dall: writer / director; Bry Troyer: writer / producer; Jason Connelly: actor / executive producer; James Winters: director of photography


Title: Brand New Old Love DIY

Funding goal: $25,000

Slate for filming: Finished, releasing 13th February 2018, need funding for VOD distribution and advertising

Logline: A cynical look at modern love that cleverly injects reality into a classic rom-com Hollywood trope.

Why you should support it: The world needs more anti-rom coms, and Aya Cash is in it. That should be all info you need right there. What more reason do you need to support it?

Key team members: Cat Rhinehart: writer / director; Aya Cash: actor; Arturo Castro: actor; Jim Wareck: producer


Title: On Our Doorstep

Funding goal: £30,000

Slate for filming: Filming complete, costs go towards editing and distribution

Logline: When the Calais Jungle was ignored & condemned by authorities, ordinary people stepped in to fill the gap. This is their untold story.

Why you should support it: A heart-wrenching look at a crisis that has been appearing in our headlines for years, aiming to put human faces to the news we read.

Key team members: Thomas Laurance: director; Jerry Rothwell: executive producer; Jodie Taylor: producer; Safwon Suleyman: producer; Marilyn Thompson: executive producer


Title: The Heart is an Organ

Funding goal: $5,500

Slate for filming: Some b-roll pickups to come, otherwise costs will go to editing and distribution.  

Logline: The beautiful story of a love triangle between a musical genius, a music lover, and the church organ that binds them to the community.

Why you should support it: It’s a sweet little story in a world where we all need sweet little stories.

Key team members: David S. White: director; Todd Voltz: executive producer; Lily Keber: consulting producer

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