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If you want some dark humor jokes about COVID-19, then we have just the answer. Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. Check out these funny memes.

COVID-19 edition of dark humor jokes: No such thing as “too soon”

With COVID-19 continuing being an ongoing global pandemic, it’s unsurprising that people are coping with living during some pretty dark times with some dark humor jokes related to our new hellish normal. 

Either way, humans always laugh away the darkness with more darkness in some pretty hellish times. After all, what is the weirdness of Dadaism without, you know, an ambivalence to something terrible?

If you want some dark humor jokes about COVID-19, then check out these nine below. From tweets to memes, these dark jokes will make you chuckle and then wonder if it’s too soon to laugh about COVID. All in all though, we have to do our best to deal with the ongoing global tragedy. Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. Along with, you know, actual medicine.

1. Not a great comparison

Hey! Go vote in 2020, okay? Because when a gym owner has a better COVID action plan than the president, that’s not great!

2. Thanks, Jai

Apparently, she was going out too much and God got mad. Now we all have COVID. 

3. The new level of stupid

Future generations of horror movie fans will be yelling “Wear the mask” at the screen, instead of “behind you”. 

4. When you show up with the wrong mask

We’re surprised that no one has died from this sort of mix-up yet.

5. We need that vaccine

Awkward when the anti-vaxx kid can’t get it.

6. Let’s all agree on this

The Shining’s Jack is a total freaking wimp after breaking so soon while in quarantine. Why are you booing? We’re right! 

7. We’re just not going to tell anyone about this

Future generations are going to ask what it was like living during this time and we’re just going to be like “go to bed, kiddo”. 

8. Boomer remover

Gen Z is truly the best of us. 

9. Summer did not fix this

COVID-19! Is! Not! The! Flu!

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