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Should you get ready for another season of farming? Find out whether or not Amazon Prime renewed "Clarkson's Farm" for a second season.

‘Clarkson’s Farm’: Why did fans fight for another season of this British show?

Who doesn’t need to shift gears from time to time? Shows don’t always need endless drama, intense violence, or loads of zombies to stay entertaining. Amazon Prime made a killer of a reality television show by slowing down and setting their sights on the picturesque life of a farmer. Clarkson’s Farm follows Top Gun’s Jeremy Clarkson as he goes about the day-to-day work on his thousand-acre Diddly Squat Farm.

Since its release just last month, Clarkson’s Farm has taken the world by a storm. The show has received rave reviews and inspired a massive online fan base who were begging for more episodes immediately after binge-watching the eight-episode first season. Luckily for farming fans, Amazon is already taking a camera crew back to Diddly Squat, and filming for season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm is officially underway.

Everyone fans loved from the first season will be returning, and Jeremy Clarkson is ready to expand his knowledge of farming life. We’ll catch you up on all the details of Clarkson’s Farm right here.

Welcome to Diddly Squat

Jeremy Clarkson bought a thousand-acre plot of land in the Cotswolds years ago, but he didn’t start farming the land himself until 2019. He might not have known much about farming life at that point, but as Clarkson’s Farm has shown, he had plenty of help from multiple generations of farmers.

Joining the Top Gun host at Diddly Squat Farm are seventy-two-year-old Gerald Cooper and twenty-one-year-old Kaleb Cooper. Gerald helps Clarkson harvest grain, which is something that he’s been doing for over fifty years. Kaleb has barely left town and spends most of his time farming on his own, but he’s willing to fill the gaps in Clarkson’s knowledge where he can.

There’s also Kevin Harrison & Elle Helliwell, two sheep farmers who give Clarkson some sage advice, and Lisa Hogan, Clarkson’s girlfriend who helps him run the farm and the farming shop. Altogether, the cheerful cast of characters have introduced their viewers to the wonderful world of farming and given them a much needed respite from their busy lives.


Clarkson’s Farm dropped on Amazon Prime barely over a month ago, but it quickly became one of the streaming service’s all-time top shows. With that, the internet knew that it was only a matter of time until Amazon renewed the series, and they did not disappoint. Earlier today, Jeremy Clarkson released a video announcing that season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm is a sure thing, and Amazon confirmed that filming has begun.

The next season will look at another year on the farm, and fans can expect much of what they loved about season 1 to be back in play. In the announcement video, Clarkson said, “All the team are back, Charlie, Lisa, Gerald and the foetus in the tractor!” Kaleb, who’s massively grown his social media presence since the show aired, also poked his head into the video to let fans know that he’d be back.

In the next year, Jeremy Clarkson has said that he’d like to expand his efforts on the farm. The sixty-one-year-old is still fairly new to farming, and there’s a lot for him to learn, plus plenty of opportunity for viewers to learn right alongside him. The rest of the team is sure to offer their own advice and to make time for jokes & jabs throughout the season.

There’s no word yet on when Amazon will release season 2, but filming is likely to stretch into the fall in order to capture Diddly Squat Farm during harvest season. Clarkson’s Farm could be back on Prime by early 2022, but until then, fans will have to revisit the first eight episodes.

Did you love Clarkson’s Farm? Did you expect season 2 to start filming so quickly, and will you be tuning in when it arrives? Let us know in the comments!

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