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After photos were released of Selena Gomez & Chris Evans, no one can stop talking about the maybe-couple. Are fans right or is the duo no more than friends?

Do these Chris Evans’ photos prove he’s dating Selena Gomez?

Fans are clamoring to know whether or not Selena Gomez & Chris Evans are dating. Photos linking the Captain America & Only Murders in the Building stars together were posted on Twitter on October 1st. However, these pictures were apparently a paparazzi fake-out.

Internet sleuths went to work after the photos claiming Chris Evans & Selena Gomez were together hit the internet. They found that the shots of the rumored couple were really a collage of different times. One picture of Gomez was of her leaving the recording studio in October 2019. The other one of Selena is actually of her after a pilates class in November 2017. 

The photos of Chris Evans go as far back as October 2013. The other picture of him is from his supposed fling with Lily James in summer 2020. Selena Gomez & Chris Evans have never actually been seen together. The two actors have never even appeared on-screen in tandem. So what started the gossip of their relationship?

Could Chris Evans & Selena Gomez have a spark?

Rumors about Selena & Chris dating began when Instagram users discovered that Evans had followed Gomez. This may seem like an innocent gesture. It becomes more significant when you learn that Chris Evans only follows 173 people. 

What’s even more compelling is that Selena Gomez admitted in the past that she liked Chris Evans. Gomez appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2015 for an interview. She said on-air “I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn’t he cute? He’s very cute.” Gomez followed up by saying “Oh man, he’s either going to hate me or love me.”

Chris Evans & Selena Gomez are evidently both still single. Be that as it may, are they seeing anyone at the moment?

Selena’s love life

Selena Gomez’s personal life has been in the public eye ever since she was on the Disney Channel. She’s had highly publicized relationships with the likes of Justin Bieber & The Weeknd. All that exposure seems to have made her more introverted.

A source told Entertainment Tonight this summer that Selena is not currently looking to settle down. The source said that Gomez “is very traditional, she would love to find ‘her person’ and get married and have a family one day.”

On the other hand, Selena “is not looking for something serious now and is in no rush to settle down as her priority continues to be her health, career and philanthropy work.” Even though Gomez seems to not outwardly be searching for love, that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from searching for clues.

Photos of Selena cozying up to Aaron Dominguez on the set of Only Murders in the Building led people to think that they might have a real connection. Commenting on the gossip, Gomez told the Los Angeles Times “We had just started working together. I honestly thought, ‘No wonder guys don’t want to date me!’” It can be hard to have a normal dating life if you’re a celebrity.

Chris Evans in the dating game

Like Selena, Chris Evans admitted in the past that he enjoys focusing on himself. That hasn’t stopped him from dating some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The Knives Out star has been spotted with the likes of Sandra Bullock, Lily Collins, and Jessica Biel. Lately, Chris’ dating life has been left to much speculation.

There have been rumors (no pun intended) that Chris Evans has gotten coquettish with Lizzo. The pop singer revealed that she slid into the Avengers actor’s DMs. Chris Evans then followed her back & the two exchanged flirty messages on Instagram. While the two are probably just playing along, maybe Lizzo is exactly what Chris needs.

Chris Evans hasn’t been in a long-term relationship since he dated Jenny Slate in 2016 & 2017. While his alleged romance with Selena Gomez has been debunked, you can’t help but wonder if he’s seeing anyone at the moment.

Selena Gomez & Chris Evans are reportedly not dating. We’ll keep an eye out for any updates on their potential partners. What do you think of the Chris & Selena hoax? Let us know in the comment section!

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  • Understand ? Remember one thing in life. Celebrities are like the children of God , and they have their own timing to choose one for themselves , but not before God , everything had its own timing . And they lives as the angels for one and only partner for themselves , they doesn’t lives anyhow , they don’t have time to see down about anything aimlessly . Their time is expensive and they doesn’t gives their time aimlessly . The most busy people are called celebrities. But for God’s sake they comes down to meet their fans. 💐⛪

    October 27, 2021

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