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Is AI the future of music, or does it risk diluting the human essence of songwriting? Here's what the Beatles members say.

Why won’t the The Beatles members’ children perform together?

Imagine the electric energy of The Beatles, coursing through a new generation. That’s the dream that recently surfaced among fans, but Zak Starkey, son of the legendary Ringo Starr, quickly brought everyone back to reality. Is there really no hope for a supergroup featuring the children of The Beatles?

It all began with an innocent Instagram post. Zak Starkey shared a photo with Sean Lennon, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s son, igniting a wave of speculation. The post, showcasing their time together at the iconic Dakota building, was more than just a casual hangout – it was a snapshot of potential history in the making. 

Fans were quick to jump on this, proposing a supergroup including another Beatles progeny, Dhani Harrison, George Harrison’s son. But Zak’s response? A resounding, witty shutdown, doused in humor and reality.

More Than Just a Dream

Yet, this isn’t just about nostalgia. Each of these Beatles’ offspring has carved their own path in the music world.

 Zak Starkey, like his father, has been a force behind the drums, collaborating with bands like The Who and Oasis. Dhani Harrison and Sean Lennon, each an accomplished musician in their own right, have also made significant contributions to the music industry. But despite their individual successes, the idea of them uniting under the Beatles’ banner tantalizes fans worldwide.

The revival

Teen Vogue and Rolling Stone agree – The Beatles’ legacy is an enduring phenomenon. But the recent news about a “final” Beatles track, ‘Now And Then’, demonstrates the band’s timeless appeal. With AI technology, Paul McCartney has brought to life a Lennon demo, once thought lost to time. This project, riding the waves of the acclaimed Get Back documentary, symbolizes the unending fascination with The Beatles’ music.

This venture into AI-assisted music creation has stirred up the music world. While some artists, like Nick Cave and Noel Gallagher, express skepticism about AI’s role in music, others embrace it. Grimes, for example, sees potential in AI for new music creation. This divide raises a critical question – is AI the future of music, or does it risk diluting the human essence of songwriting?

A New Chapter

Despite the debate, The Beatles continue to influence new generations. Sir Paul McCartney’s upcoming photography exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, “Eyes Of The Storm”, offers a glimpse into the band’s golden years. This collection, a blend of history and art, provides a unique insight into the world of The Beatles through McCartney’s lens.

The Beatles, through their children and technological advancements, continue to captivate and inspire. Whether it’s through a potential supergroup or AI-assisted tracks, their legacy is ever-evolving. As the world eagerly anticipates new Beatles-related projects, one can’t help but wonder: What would a Beatles’ children supergroup actually sound like?

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