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Charli D'Amelio is getting accused of acting childish after posting a new YouTube video. Here's a look at the controversy about her not acting her age.

The internet wants Charli D’Amelio to act her age after embarrassing video

TikTok has taken over our 2020. Watching a variety of short videos is the perfect stress reliever, but not always. Sometimes, drama finds its way to this new social media platform. The latest drama comes from the most popular TikTok family – the D’Amelio’s.

A scandal has rocked the TikTok universe and many users are calling for Charli D’Amelio to act her age. What happened? Let’s dive in.

Dancing queen?

Charli D’Amelio joined the TikTok app in June 2019 when she was fifteen-years-old. Currently, Charli’s TikTok account has over 98.5 million followers and 7.7 billion likes on her videos. Charli D’Amelio is known for dancing to TikTok trends, but also because she’s an extremely talented dancer in her own right. Due to her TikTok fame, Charli was able to dance alongside her idol J-Lo. 

Charli D’Amelio’s nineteen-year-old sister Dixie D’Amelio is also a huge TikTok star and has also been releasing music. A new Christmas single with former One Direction member Liam Payne called “Naughty List” is being released with Dixie D’Amelio as the featured artist. The D’Amelio sisters are taking the world by storm and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Charli D’Amelio is currently at the age of sixteen, yet a lot of influencers, TikTokers, and more have been hounding her following a recent controversial video.

Drama queen

The D’Amelios have recently begun their new YouTube series called Dinner with the D’Amelios. The D’Amelio family are joined by influencer James Charles as they sample food from their personal chef Aaron May. The episode was not met by smiling faces and has given the family a bad name. 

Charli & Dixie D’Amelio are facing major backlash after being called out for the faces they pull while tasting chef May’s cooking. They acted out in a rude manner, pulled faces, and Dixie even ran out to allegedly throw up after the freshly prepared food was served. The YouTube episode has been trending since its release, but for all the wrong reasons. 


ik imma get hate for this but this is completely not okay wtf. #foryoupage #charlidamelio #fyp #viral #aesthetic #thedamelios

♬ original sound – black lives matter!

Alongside their parents, Charli & Dixie D’Amelio appear unapproving of all the food they’re shown. Chef Aaron May prepared a traditional paella as well as a vegan version for mom Heidi D’Amelio. Charli can be seen sarcastically clapping her hands as she makes disgusted faces and asks for “dino nuggets” instead.

Dixie D’Amelio stole the show when she began gagging and ran out of the room after finding a snail in her food (a classic paella ingredient). Charli also covered her mouth as if she was going to vomit after the revelation. Dixie then ran outside to throw up, which James Charles witnessed, and said, “Oh, she actually threw up.” In the middle of this, Charli D’Amelio rudely asked out loud, “Do we have any Dino nuggets?”


-video…anyways, not posting this for any other reason than to share the truth of something that was ridiculously blown out of proportion…

♬ original sound – Dixie D’Amelio

Is Charli’s reign over?

Fans aren’t happy about the recent episode and have called out Charli D’Amelio and her sister Dixie to act their age. Charli was close to 100 million followers on TikTok, but since the controversial video has lost over 500,000. Charli D’Amelio has since gone live on TikTok in tears following the loss of so many fans and has claimed that she’s struggling because of horrid comments online.

Many comments have described their behavior as rude, entitled, and ungrateful. It’s easy to see why, but some have gone as far as to make death threats against the sixteen-year-old influencer and her family. According to Charli D’Amelio, it was “all just one huge misunderstanding”.

“It’s completely blown out of proportion,” she said, “No matter what I say, no matter how I handle any of this, people are still going to think what they’re going to think and that’s fine, because those are the people who, in the long run, weren’t going to be there for me at the end of the day, and that’s fine, I understand that.”

Do you think Charli, Dixie, and the D’Amelio family should be cancelled for their offensive behavior? Let us know in the comments.

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