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James Charles is known for getting into online drama. Recently he subtweeted Alicia Keys. Let's look at all the times he's been shady on Twitter.

James Charles getting shady on Twitter: All the times he subtweeted

The beauty blogger, James Charles, is known both for his makeup skills and the drama he’s been involved in. Last year, James Charles was accused of being a sexual predator who enjoys flirting with straight guys.

After another YouTuber, Tati Westbrook, accused Charles of “manipulating people’s sexuality” in a forty-three-minute video, James Charles lost millions of subscribers. He addressed the accusations in another video which wasn’t well received by his audience, and then talked again about the scandal in a longer video which earned him back his followers.

Eventually, Tati Westbrook uploaded another video taking back the accusations against James Charles. He eventually regained most of his fans’ trust, and recently reached twenty million followers. This doesn’t mean the influencer isn’t involved in any more drama. Here are some of James Charles’s shadiest subtweets.

Alicia Keys’s beauty line

Yesterday, James Charles published a tweet apologizing for a previous tweet against singer Alicia Keys. In the deleted tweet, Charles called out Alicia Keys for launching a beauty line after she expressed not being interested in makeup.

James Charles is the owner of a famous makeup line, and he claims he was bothered by some celebrities getting into the makeup industry “without any actual passion.” Charles deleted the tweet a few minutes later after concluding he shouldn’t be “gatekeeping” the industry.

Upon further investigation, James Charles reported finding more information about Alicia Keys’s line ,which was, in fact, a skincare line. After learning the singer wasn’t launching a makeup line, Charles allegedly realized he made the right decision in deleting said tweet.

In a tweet posted hours later, Charles apologized to Alicia Keys mentioning her directly. The apology also addresses James Charles’s previous tweet, and explains why he posted it in the first place.

So far, Alicia Keys hasn’t made any comments about James Charles’s tweets. Reactions from fans are divided. While some were understanding of Charles’s mistake, others reacted negatively considering James has supported other non-black celebrity beauty lines before.

Trixie cosmetics

The incident between James Charles & Alicia Keys wasn’t the first time Charles was shady about someone else’s beauty line. Last month one of the winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Trixie Mattel, posted a tweet asking about bad experiences with makeup brands.

James Charles responded to Trixie Mattel’s tweet saying “everything from trixie cosmetics”. Although Charles’s comment was very direct, his tweet was well received as the drag queen replied with a picture of her drag persona edited to appear as if she was holding a gun.

This isn’t the first interaction between Trixie Mattel & James Charles, and they seem to have a good friendship. Both of them collaborated in a video for James Charles’s YouTube channel recently. Some viewers even suspect Charles broke quarantine to film alongside the drag celebrity.

James Charles singing

At the beginning of last month, James Charles uploaded a video to his TikTok account singing popular songs along with his friend Anthony Gargiula, and Tony & Ondreaz Lopez as dancers. The video is almost six minutes long, and includes songs by Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, and more.

James Charles’s TikTok video was retweeted by the New York Times columnist Taylor Lorenz with the caption “We cannot lose this app.” Lorenz was referring to the recent news about the U.S. government plans to ban the app TikTok.

Lorenz’s post was retweeted by user Dylan Aguilera (@elrey) with the caption “PLEASE someone important tell @jamescharles he cannot sing”. James Charles commented on Aguilera’s tweet “Based on your pinned tweet you can’t either, mind your own business”. Although Aguilera continued attacking the beauty blogger, James Charles ignored the rest of the tweets.

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