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Autoerotic asphyxiation requires nearly suffocating. This list of celebrity deaths should prove as a warning to all of the dangers.

Celebrity deaths: Auto-erotic asphyxiation is a risky sex game

Autoerotic asphyxiation is an act taking place while pleasuring oneself, and requires nearly suffocating. It’s been claimed that having oxygen deprivation while orgasming causes the sensations to be more intense, and thus even more enjoyable.

Unsurprisingly, the nature of this act can easily lead to death. Bringing oneself to the brink of death while alone is, perhaps, not the wisest plan. This list of celebrity deaths should prove as a warning to all.

Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence was an Australian singer and co-founder of the band INXS. Hutchence also appeared in a few films including  Dogs in Space.

The singer died in 1997 at the age of thirty-seven. He was found in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Sydney, Australia. Hutchence had partied with an actress in the hotel room the night before.

The morning of his death he was described by multiple people as being distraught over the fact his young daughter was no longer able to come to visit him. Later in the day, he was found hanged by his own snakeskin belt. The belt had been tied to the automatic closing hinge of the room’s door.

Apparently, Michael had leaned so hard into the belt that the buckle was broken.

Most reports assume his death was a suicide spurred by his depression and the alcohol & other drugs in his system. However, some who knew him personally believe it was autoerotic asphyxiation.

David Carradine

David Carradine had five wives in his life, and two of them openly admit to the fact Carradine’s sexual preferences leaned to the promiscuous and dangerous. (With a special penchant for choking.) This actor, best known for his role in the Kill Bill franchise, died at the age of seventy-two.

Carradine was found in a hotel room in Thailand. He had been there working on a movie when a maid found him in the room’s closet, strangled by a cord for the drapes.

Ultimately, authorities decided the cause of death was autoerotic asphyxiation and not suicide. However, his fourth wife firmly believes it was murder. She claims he never “flew solo”.

Kevin Gilbert

Kevin Gilbert died in 1996 at the age of twenty-nine. He was famous for being a musician, both a singer and a composer, and even collaborated on the 1995 Grammy-winning album All I Wanna Do.

Gilbert was found dead in his own apartment with a black hood on his head– put in place with a leather strap around his neck, which tied him to the headboard of a bed.

Stephen Milligan

Stephen Milligan was found dead at age 46 in 1994. Milligan was a journalist and a conservative politician.

The man was found dead in his London home by his secretary after he missed an important meeting at the House of Commons. Milligan was naked save for a pair of women’s stockings and a pair of suspenders.

He had an extension cord around his neck, a plastic bag over his head, and an orange slice in his mouth. No foul play was suspected, and no substances were found in his blood.

Albert Dekker

Albert Dekker was an actor and a politician. He was most known for movies such as Dr. Cyclops and The Wild Bunch. He was blacklisted from Hollywood for an extensive period of time when he spoke out about McCarthyism.

Dekker was found dead by his fiance in 1968 at the age of sixty-three. The actor was in a bathtub in his home– handcuffed, in a noose, ball gagged, and stuck with two hypodermic needles. He also had expletives written on him in red lipstick.

There were valuables and money missing from his home, but the coroner closed the case with a ruling of autoerotic asphyxiation.

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