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Celebrities are known for their expensive homes as much as their work. But which expensive homes reign supreme? Find out here.

Top 5 World Celebrities with their Expensive Homes

There is something really intimidating about the celebrity lifestyle that we find to be undeniably fascinating! From luxurious cars to plush cribs- be it a Hollywood movie star, a renowned singer, or an international artist- they enjoy every bit of their life that most of us merely dream of. More often than not, celebrities are fond of taking things to the next level that makes us believe in the power of dreams and money.

If you incline opulent houses, you would not like to miss out on these five international celebrities that own homes that give apt meaning to the expression’ larger than life. It is not everyone’s piece of cake to handle such big projects, these magnificent projects are led by some of the worlds biggest property developers like Brookfield, Prologis and KI residences from Singapore. Here we bring you the list of paradises on Earth, exquisite enough to leave you flabbergasted:

Bill Gates

When talking about the most expensive house globally, Bill Gates tops the list. You might have heard of Bill’s Medina estate but ever imagined what it is like? It is a mix of technological convenience class amenities and state-of-the-art facilities. The property is spread beyond an area of 66000 square feet, and the house comprises 6 kitchens, 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, an extensive library, a pool with advanced music equipment, a fitness room with separate sauna and steam rooms, and whatnot. At Bill Gates’ home, guest’s movement has kept a check on through a microchip.

Moreover, the visitors have the privilege to adjust the room temperature and lighting as per their comfort. Purchased at US$2 million in 1988, today its value stands at $ 128 million. After a long seven years of constructing and innovation- Xanadu 2.0 was brought to life.

Oprah Winfrey

Originally bought in 2001 at $50 million, Oprah’s Promised Land (as it is popularly known as) is spanned across 65 acres of land. It does not come as a surprise that the value of this Montecito estate is now valued at $100 million. Keen to know what it looks like?

The colossal mansion consists of 6 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms with multiple terraces, ponds, an artificial lake, orchards, avocado grove, gardens of roses, tennis court, wine cellar, and ample entertainment spaces. But it seems like Oprah has a thing for tea houses too, that’s why one such house is a part of the primary residence. For guests, separate rooms with a pool are also included. 

JAY-Z & Beyoncé

There is a unique and distinctive fanbase for this adorable couple. In 2019, JAY-Z and Beyoncé bought a mansion at $ 88 million in Bel Air. The 8 bedroom and 11 bathroom 30, 000 square feet house is an epitome of refined luxury and modern comfort.

Some of its salient features include a basketball court, four swimming pools, garage, game compartment, spa, and exercise rooms. With a well-maintained helipad and advanced bulletproof windows, the house is undoubtedly something to flaunt. 

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Purchased in 2014 at US$20 million at Hidden Hills, California- the crib is said to be three times significant of its original value at present. Rightfully defining the term minimalistic design, the house draws inspiration from a Belgian monastery. The property has 8 rooms, 8 fireplaces, a swimming pool, a vineyard, and every other amenity that human minds can imagine!

Tom Cruise

Covering 298 acres of land, Tom Cruise’s house in Telluride, Colorado, was listed at US$59 million in 2014. The 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms home consists of a library, an exquisite recreational room, exclusive motocross track, forest trails, equestrian facilities, and a private helipad besides a 3-bedroom guest house. The living room features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a spectacular view of the sprawling hills.

Wrapping it up!

Actions speak louder than words- and these public figures have proved it. With sheer hard work and absolute dedication, they have made nearly impossible dreams turn into reality. If this does not inspire you to go big, I’m not sure what will. Glue your focus to the dreams in your heart despite the hurdles; one day, you shall conquer the world!

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