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Members of BTS are more devoted to the BTS ARMY than any other woman. Here are the BTS fan interactions that prove it.

The ARMY is BTS’s true girlfriend: These fan interactions prove it

Their angelic voices, gorgeous smiles, killer dance moves, and trendy outfits make it hard not to be obsessed with K-pop group BTS. Lucky for us, all the members of the seven-man group are single – or so it seems. When asked about their love lives, BTS members constantly contend ARMY is their only significant other. 

Although it’s impossible to be in a romantic relationship with millions of fans simultaneously, we don’t blame the K-pop group for expressing their love for the ARMY. (Heck, ARMY is more dedicated to BTS than most of our significant others are to us!)

No relationships without BTS

Having  your significant other tell you they have feelings for someone else isn’t exactly a great feeling – especially if their feelings involve seven other men. According to Business Times, during a VLives video by BTS member Jimin, an ARMY member stated “My boyfriend doesn’t like you because I can’t live without you but I can live without him”. (Ouch!)

The comment sparked a series of similar tweets during & after the VLive. One ARMY member said, “My boyfriend told me that he doesn’t like BTS & Blackpink, it’s time to end this relationship”. If you aren’t a part of ARMY, good luck trying to be in a relationship with someone who is.

During the VLive, an ARMY member said their boyfriend “had the audacity to say that BTS would be better without Jin and Jimin. That’s exactly why he’s my ex-boyfriend.” Some ARMY members don’t only dismiss BTS haters but boys altogether. “I end up having no boyfriend because nobody is as talented, handsome and amazing like you,” another ARMY member declared.

Reciprocated love

Having some of the most loyal fans in the world, it’s no surprise BTS loves their ARMY back. According to Billboard, during the 2020 BBMA’s, BTS gave a huge shoutout to their ARMY. They spoke about loving ARMY because of “their passion” and “their unconditional love”.

BTS added they loved the ARMY for simply being “themselves, the way they are, everything”. (It also helps that ARMY is extremely loyal & faithful to BTS.)

Interactions with ARMY

BTS expresses their love for the ARMY daily through their social media interactions. According to Koreaboo, on May 4, 2020, fans asked BTS member V, “How much do you love ARMY?”

V responded on Twitter with multiple light-hearted tweets: “I love ARMY so much that If I ever had a kid I would teach their first word to be ARMY and not dad.”; “I didn’t know ARMY’s heart’s were like swamps…I can’t get out!”; “I even enter a game even if it has already ended just in case ARMY might be waiting for me”; “So much that I even miss them in my dreams”; “Even if I stretch out both my arms it’s not enough”. 

On the other hand, BTS member Jin is a little more on the shy end. Every time he’s complimented, he hides away; in one instance, fans called Jin handsome and he hid behind his manager. Unlike the outgoing V, Jin denies all the ARMY’s marriage proposals and tells them to please not send him to heaven after a quick pickup line, “I’m not dead yet, why are you sending me to heaven?”


BTS ARMY is composed of die-hard BTS fans who can’t get enough of the sensational K-pop group. According to New York Times: ARMY stands for “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth”. Most ARMY members are composed of “women in their 20s and 30s” but “the band’s fan base is broadly diverse, cutting across lines of gender, age, religion and nationality.”

ARMY believes “BTS represents something that has impacted them and changed their lives, so supporting them is sort of their way of giving back to the group”.

If we had a loyal fan base like BTS ARMY, we too would contend we were in a relationship with them. (We don’t blame you one bit BTS!)

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