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Britney Spears is finally ready to stand trial to end her conservatorship controlled by her father. Will #FreeBritney finally have its day in the sun?

Does Britney Spears still want her father as conservator? Read her statement

The world is closely watching as Britney Spears prepares to stand trial and speak out against her conservatorship, currently run by her father Jamie. While Britney has yet to take the stand, fans of the #FreeBritney movement are finally being given a taste of  just what Spears might communicate during her time in court, as a probe investigator from The New York Times has revealed some of the statements between them and Spears. 

“She articulated she feels the conservatorship has become an oppressive and controlling tool against her,” the court investigator wrote, adding that Britney Spears specifically said, “Too much control…too, too much!” The investigator continues by adding how “She is ‘sick of being taken advantage of,’ and she said she is the one working and earning her money, but everyone around her is on her payroll.”

Britney Spears is finally scheduled after months of waiting to finally speak today in court, and while we will closely observe the situation and fill you in on what we learn, it is obvious that most of the world supports Britney Spears, and are still very worried about her mental health and physical being, which one could argue stems from this conservatorship as well as the events highlighted in Framing Britney Spears. 

Framing Britney Spears

Framing Britney Spears, currently available to stream on Hulu, follows Britney Spears’s twelve-year long conservatorship, first put in place in 2008 after multiple public mental outbreaks. The conservatorship is led by her father Jamie, allowing him to make decisions for all of Britney Spears’s estates & businesses. Additionally, in 2020 it was determined that Jamie Spears would also control her Bessemer Trust. 

The documentary has a clear focus on supporting the #FreeBritney movement as well as ending the conservatorship placed on her. However, the film also explores the harassment Spears suffered from the media ever since she was a teenager, including a rough Diana Sawyer interview from 2003. 

The documentary also touched on Justin Timberlake’s part in all of this, and how he publicly burned Spears after their breakup in 2002. Timberlake used the media to tarnish her “good girl” image by sharing explicit details of their relationship over time. He capped it all off with his 2002 hit “Cry Me a River”, which clearly depicts him trying to get revenge on an ex-l0ver who cheated on him.

What comes next? 

Reports say that Britney Spears’s father, Jamie, made about $16,000 per month as her conservator, as well as an undisclosed commission based on his daughter’s business ventures. As well, Britney Spears was given an allowance of $2,000 per week, but she’s not allowed to spend the money on any cosmetic changes within her own home unless her father Jamie gave his approval. That’s sort of messed up. 

During the interview with the investigator, Britney Spears also disclosed how she feels like her father is obsessed with controlling her life. However, despite her pleas of financial freedom the probe investigator found the conservatorship necessary “based on her complex finances, susceptibility to undue influence and ‘intermittent’ drug issues,” as well as conversations with her doctors and her conservators. 

While these statements stem from conversations that took place nearly five years ago, it is likely that the singer & dancer still feels the same about her father, Jamie, as she had her attorney tell the court in 2020 that she was afraid of her father. As it stands, Britney Spears’s father still has control of the conservatorship through September 2021. However, perhaps all this could change after Spears’s statement later today.

What are your thoughts on the #FreeBritney movement? Are you as angry with her father as we are? What do you think she’ll say in her testimony? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. 


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  • No one, and I mean no one, should control another human being to the extent her own father, for heaven’s sake, is controlling her. It is not done out of love by the examples we hear of the type of control he is exerting but it is purely for control over her for money, for his own self-interest. Does Britney Spears need help with control from drugs? Perhaps. But she is an adult human being and NO ONE should have support of the damn government to take control of her life. It’s too much and, if it were me, I’d be acting out like no body’s business. She cannot escape because she is so well known and she has no access to the merits of her work. That simply sucks and is wrong and must be reversed. Set Britney Spears free!

    June 28, 2021

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