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Bob Saget made us laugh hard, however, the cause of his death is nothing to laugh at. The latest autopsy revealed something that makes his death a mystery.

Autopsy revealed: Bob Saget’s cause of death is shocking fans

In a very long career, Bob Saget managed to become the dad we needed as children and the dirty uncle we needed as an adult. He had a way of captivating fans and making them laugh. Saget’s cause of death, however, is no laughing matter.

Experts recently revealed Saget died from multiple head injuries sustained over a period of time. Where these injuries came from is still unclear. While neurosurgeons have raised questions, his family & friends have yet to share their concerns.

Few celebrities captivated multiple generations of fans quite like Bob Saget. Fellow comedians like Chris Rock & Jim Carrey joined Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo to celebrate his legacy at the Comedy Store.

America’s dad

90s kids are all grown up now. Predictability is out the window in favor of adulting and everyone’s getting into cryptocurrency. In the innocent days of childhood, however, Full House was there to remind us of the importance of family way before Dom Toretto.

The show was full of characters, like the gorgeous Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) or the hilarious Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier). However, Bob Saget as Danny Tanner was the glue holding the family together. His straight man humor and uncanny ability to roll with the jokes made him essential to the show.

Fans now know Bob Saget’s cause of death was a traumatic brain injury. The former host of America’s Funniest Home Videos passed in his sleep. Yet, 90s kids will never forget the joy he brought to their mornings or how he made them laugh.

Dirty mouth

Bob Saget was basically America’s dad. He was even the voice of narrator Ted Mosby on the hit CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Like all good entertainers, though, Saget had a naughtier side he shared through his stand-up comedy.

In 2013, Saget wrote & produced That’s What I’m Talking About. Instead of the expected kid-friendly jokes, Saget gets a little R-rated as he talks about sex, sex, and more sex! The comedy album was later nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

The newest autopsy revealed Bob Saget’s cause of death. His work on stage as a professional potty mouth, however, revealed a complexity his fans found fascinating. He had found a way to grow past the wholesome image of America’s dad.

Head trauma

Death eventually comes for everyone, even the rich & famous. Yet, the newest information on Bob Saget’s cause of death has many people scratching their heads in concern. It’s not his death, but the manner of how it happened.

Initially, media reports said Saget died due to falling asleep after sustaining a head injury. The newest autopsy report, however, shows he suffered multiple head injuries possibly due to high-force trauma. 

One head injury could be the result of an accident. Multiple head injuries suggest something more sinister. Saget’s family deserves space to heal during this traumatic time. It doesn’t stop people from wondering, though. What exactly caused those injuries?

Final farewells

The hardest goodbye is letting go of an old friend, even when we didn’t personally know them. Bob Saget meant a lot to many people. He made kids laugh with videos of people falling down before anyone had ever heard of YouTube. Those kids got older and he made them snicker at dirty jokes.

He was simultaneously America’s dad & America’s dirty uncle. Those who loved him took to social media to express their sadness at his death. Some speculated on Bob Saget’s cause of death. Many more just wanted to remember what he meant to them.

A light has carried Saget home, but those who loved him don’t have to grieve alone. In fact, his words as Danny to Uncle Jessie might help those currently struggling with his death:

Were you a Full House fan? Or were you more a fan of his comedy? Let us know your favorite memories of Bob Saget in the comments below!

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